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Treat Your Body Right, Build a Healthy Lifestyle

February 25th, 2015 No Comments Tags: , , , , , , ,

When you’re in good health it’s easy to take it for granted. That ability to take on the day like a bull fighter is great. When you’re totally on your game it’s a snap to add more “to-do’s” to your day because you have the time and zest to do them. You embrace your day effortlessly with vim and vigour.

Take a few weeks ago; I joined a special someone on a business trip to Geneva. My down time was spent taking long walks in the old town, along the serene Lake Geneva looking for Shania Twain, meandering near the United Nations building and more. Each evening was spent taking another stroll to and from dinner, not giving walking an extra few miles a second thought. We probably clocked 7 to 11 miles each day to’ing and fro’ing.

Coming home on the plane I sat near a fellow who coughed the entire flight. I was doomed. The next day I succumbed to this year’s flu bug, UG. I truly can’t remember the last time I was so sick. You know the score, high fever, achy muscles, a splitting head ache and left with little energy even to sip water. I turned from a free spirit who could walk 10 miles in a day to a shut in who was winded after shuffling 10 steps, what gives!

It got me thinking about what a blessing good health truly is. During one of my usual daily Twittersphere scans I read a brash tweet that read “I know what’s good for my health and choose NOT to do it.” Hmmmm, I thought how strange it is to deliberately do the opposite of what’s good for me. As I recuperated that week how good it felt to do things that made me feel better. As I tend to say, “don’t mess with the machine!

It was wonderful to regain my energy to bundle up and head out for a daily walk again. It felt great to unravel my mat to bend and stretch and reach for the stars. I also listened attentively to my body’s cues for the whole foods it craved to help whip my systems back into shape – one day I yearned for homemade apple sauce; another homemade soup; then to eggs and toast; to fresh berries and plain Greek-style yogurt. I knew I was really coming around when I pined for ribs!

Establishing a healthy lifestyle is the best gift you can give yourself. Having it helps you be the best you can absolutely be. Your body truly is your temple, so treat it right!

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On the rebound?

August 20th, 2014 No Comments Tags: , ,

I was poking around the National Weight Control Registry (NWCR) website recently reviewing some study findings about the successful losers and well those who aren’t necessarily in that category.

One of the studies was about a topic most of us hate to hear about and that’s weight rebound after losing… ug. Researcher McGuire and company looked at weight, behaviour and psychological information of study subjects from the NWCR. Risk factors for weight regain included a more recent weight loss, larger losses, higher levels of depression, dietary disinhibition (a tendency to overeat in the presence of palatable food or when stressed) and binge eating.

I got to thinking about all of this more deeply, hmmmmm. Embarking on a weight loss regimen is a grand commitment and should never be taken lightly. In our personal hierarchy of needs we should not try to add insult to injury thinking that “when I’m slim my problems will melt away with the pounds”, in fact you can create more stress if you’re not ready. Challenges happen to all of us no matter our jean size.

What stands out for me on this is the importance of facing eating and stress issues, binge eating and depression from the outset. Those factors are surely the elephant in the room, not food or your weight. I reveal my own journey details in my e-book Skinny on Slim that you might just relate with.

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Getting Your Zzzzzzz’s

April 11th, 2014 1 Comment Tags: , , , ,

We seem to be pacing life at mock speed these days, all of us taking part in the “busy contest”. Who’s winning? None of us, it would seem. I recently reviewed some studies on current sleep patterns and I won’t be sleeping easy thinking about this tonight!

One study touts that over the past 103 years children have reduced sleep more than 1 hour. Another study showed that in the US the amount of sleep has reduced by 102 hours over the past 40 years for young adults, hmmmm, what gives? Between checking our phones over a 100 times a day, consuming excess caffeine and immersing ourselves in life’s “busy contest” there are many contributors to this phenomenon.

One study showed an increase intake of calories from snacks when research subjects’ sleep was restricted and in another greater alcohol consumption in adults. Let’s think about this in our own lives using the example of travelling to different time zones and trying to make an adjustment in sleep. When feeling exceedingly groggy it’s not always simple to differentiate your cues and often snacking wins the vote. Also when you feel listless due to lack of sleep it’s more challenging to get that daily walk or activity that you’re used to when all you feel like doing is putting your noodle down on a fluffy pillow like Thumblina to catch up on the sleep you missed.

It is worthwhile to ponder your own sleep habits if you are burning the candle at both ends while trying to get a handle on your handles. More interesting food for thought, that’s for sure.

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Recreate the Route in Your Own Routine

September 4th, 2013 No Comments Tags: , , , , , , , , , , ,

When I think about the post labour day season and what I love about it most, one word comes to mind – routine. When I ponder all of my meanderings on my personal health and wellness routine this summer I realize that it’s time to reign it all in, get back on track and recalculate my route with my own routine, just like a personal GPS. My annual physical is scheduled in a few short weeks and the countdown is ON. Here are some quick changes to get started:

Breakfast basics – Say bye bye to buffet style breakfasts, au dios! Get back to breakfast basics with that trusty bowl of hot oatmeal and skim milk. Savour the flavour with some fruit in season and a sprinkle of nuts on top.

Watering hole – No more umbrellas in your drinks! Get back to drinking water throughout the day if your choices have gone astray.

Mat routine fiend – Ab crunch a bunch! Better yet blow the dust off your trusty mat and get down and dirty with your core-strenghtening routine, arm weights, lunges and squats.

Say okay to 5-10 a day – If you’ve forgotten what you supposed to get 5 – 10 a day of let me remind you! It’s September bounty time and work in those fruits and veggies every single day.

Pack a snack Jack – Three square meals is so passé! Include a few snacks each day that’ll keep that overeater inside of you at bay – try skim milk, a handful of almonds, a piece of fruit, some chic peas, a single serve yoghurt.

Dining with less wining – Ok initially there might be more whining with the wine wean, but it’s time to be kind to your liver. Limit your alcohol intake because the party’s over princess!

Get a groove with your moves – Move that booty more! Every muscle movement uses energy and the more you move the more you’ll burn. Get your masterful machine moving more often throughout the day when you can -walk, mosey, sache, samba, climb, dance, shimmy, jog, saunter, run…..

Ok doc, will be seeing you soon and I’ll be ready to face your scale, measuring tape, pokes, prods and more, you’ll see! My route in Slim Town is being recalculated as we speak!

Find many healthy and stealthy tips in my e-book Skinny On Slim now available on Amazon. Also available on i-Books, Kobo/Chapters, Barnes & Noble, Diesel and Sony.

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Monitoring In Good Measure

June 24th, 2013 No Comments Tags: , , , , ,

Successful weight losers have many stealthy and healthy tricks to help them maintain their weight. One of these is keeping a “handle on their handles” and monitoring their weight. I divulged a steamy personal secret in my e-book Skinny On Slim about how I broke off my relationship with my bathroom scale after a long sultry affair…. If you have said “Hasta La Vista Baby!” to your bathroom scale take heart, you can also monitor your dimensions by monitoring your waist circumference, hmmmm.

Truth be told my doctor whips out that measuring tape every visit of my annual physical. It’s an easy measure for you to take as well if you divorced your scale like me. A general rule of thumb for women is to measure in less than 35″(89cm) and for men less than 40″ (102cm).

If you currently look down and can’t get a clear glimpse of your feet it may be time to set a goal or two to whittle down that truck to get you into a safe measurement zone. Measures above these benchmark numbers may increase your risk factor for heart disease. Why gamble with your health and make some stealthy and healthy changes in your repertoire like the successful weight losers do? Remember awareness is bliss!

Find out more by reading Skinny on Slim and take advantage of the summer promo for a limited time. Also available on i-Books, Kobo/Chapters, Barnes & Noble, Diesel and Sony.

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Fab Food Focus

June 7th, 2013 No Comments Tags: , , , , , ,

I spent a good part of a day reviewing the literature on obesity. I had to take a break and have a quick dinner with all of that food for thought – a handful of walnuts, another of pistachios, smoked salmon and brie on whole grain baguette, mixed salad, followed by a nectarine. Now I can think more clearly…. I was encouraged when I read about our need to focus on food and diet quality rather than specific nutrients – amen, natural nutrient richness is here to stay! I’ve been a dietitian for almost 26 years and have seen various food and nutrition fads come in and out of style like bell bottoms….

I was intrigued reviewing details zeroing in on weight change associated with increased daily servings of various foods. Although some seemed obvious, it was beneficial to see them listed in black and white, as I read it all over :-)

Weight Gainer No Brainers
Here is the list of foods that resulted in weight gain with increased servings of the following:

  • potato chips
  • fried potatoes
  • sweets and desserts
  • refined grains
  • sugar-sweetened drinks

Ponder this list and consider how your diet compares. Are you toying with the weight management gods hanging on to some or all of these foods gambling against the odds? Work in small changes to shift your diet in a different direction, don’t you think?

Slim Pickings
Here is the list of foods that resulted in weight loss with increased servings of the following:

  • vegetables
  • nuts
  • whole grains
  • fruits
  • yogurt

Listen up folks, if you haven’t added these wise foods into your repertoire if you’re trying to manage your weight, I suggest you write them on your grocery list and work them in ASAP. Why wait? Years ago I avoided nuts like the plague worrying about fat content. Silly me, I eventually saw the light and started working them in as a snack, without salt added or in salads and stir fries. I know I’ve been a broken record droning on about the importance of getting your 5-10 a day of fruits and veggies, dairy products (gotta love yogurt), plus bucking the trend, being unrefined and eating your grains “whole”.

Decide once and for all to put your focus on fab food and avoid goofy crazes, the more natural the better. Your weight and overall health could surely benefit when you do.

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Best Food Forward – Halt the Salt!

March 13th, 2013 No Comments Tags: , , , , ,

Next time you’re shopping, take a look at your grocery cart. How many processed, packaged food items and ready-to-go meals are there? Over 75% of the sodium in our diets comes from processed foods such as deli meats, pizza, cheese, sauces and soups. Excess sodium is bad for your health. Take these steps to reduce your sodium intake, starting at the grocery store:

  • Buy more fresh foods that are naturally low in sodium, such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains, milk products, dried legumes (beans, peas, lentils) and unseasoned meats, fish and poultry. Back at home, cook from scratch.
  • Compare food labels. Buy the products with the lowest amounts of sodium.
  • Use the % Daily Value (% DV) on the label to see if a food has a little or a lot of sodium. Here’s a useful guide: 5% DV or less is a little sodium; 15% DV or more is a lot. Choose foods with less than 15% DV for sodium.
  • Pick up sodium-free seasonings such as herbs and spices, fresh garlic or ginger, lemons or limes, onions or balsamic vinegar. They add fantastic flavour to your meals without adding salt!

Eating less sodium can help you stay healthy and feel your best. For more facts and tips on sodium, visit:

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Take a Stand on Sit-itis

October 21st, 2012 No Comments Tags: , ,

Sit-itis is all the rage these days, sadly. It’s a new risk factor raising it’s ugly head like the Sphinx in today’s world – prolonged sitting. Yet another new study compiling data involving almost 800,000 is telling us more grave news on the subject that plagues us. Here’s what they found. For those studied who sit all day, they had a:

  • 147% increased risk of heart attack or stroke
  • 112% increase in the risk of developing diabetes
  • 90% greater risk of dying from a cardiac event
  • 49% greater risk of premature mortality

Ok folks, now stand up and shake it out. I feel like I’ve just been given yet another 1-2 punch on the subject. These statistics are staggering. As an active person has me rethinking about all the sitting in my life. I am bound to my chair because of my desk jobs – I sit on transit to and from work, I sit at work, sit at meetings, sit for dinner, lounge after dinner, sitting is my activity every day and I’ll bet it is yours too.

Since first reading about “the dangers of sitting” I took note. The experts suggested ways of just moving more. Here’s what I try to do to avoid sit-itis. My aging bladder gets me up regularly to move, if you catch my drift. When I work from home I work in 2 walks a day to get the lead out. I’ve bumped up my matt routine with a few more calisthenic moves to help me tone. When I take transit I try to stand for a time just to get off my duff, if my blood pressure isn’t too low, and more.

Our bodies were built to move and this helps our mind, bodies, function optimally. Let the alarm bells ring for you if you are in the majority like me. Together we can do the hokey pokey so this cloud can lift above our heads.

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B Good

October 2nd, 2012 No Comments Tags: , ,

I had my annual visit to my optometrist last month. Now that I’m north of 50 age-wise I have added this assessment to my list to prevent issues. As I age I now need stronger reading glasses – bye bye 1.25’s or 1.5’s I’m now needing 1.75’s to read clearly – good grief.

We did have a chat about what other positive things I can do for my eyes to prevent problems. She told me studies show that getting those B vitamins in can help you prevent developing macular degeneration. These are abundantly found in those fruits and veggies I harp on about week after week.

I also heard that ceasing smoking and exercising regularly are also good for eyes. How wise? My vision used to be amazing, and now it’s normal for my age. If I don’t have my reading glasses I simply cannot read the written word in the newspaper, on food packages and on my computer without enlarging the font 150%. I can handle this normal change, but aim to do all I can to steer clear of eye diseases if I can. So be good to your eyes and do what you can to help. Bring on those b’s….

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FIT Happens!!

December 6th, 2011 No Comments Tags: , , , , , , ,

Perhaps you’ve heard this saying used in a different context, hmmmmm. But when it comes to your own wellness, it will certainly improve as you aim to get more fit. So yes, FIT does happen.

There are a multitude of ways to get yourself to simply move more. Ever wonder why Goody-2-Shoes in your department has the highest sales record while Sammy-the-Shortcut has the lowest? It could be because Goody plans more face time with key people instead of texting and e-mailing. She works in stealth moving that adds to her fitness scorecard to boot.

I find moving from point ‘a’ to point ‘b’ is a perfect way to mull over what’s going on in my life and it allows me time to search for ideas. Thinking might be an action word (verb) but for me thinking while walking not only gets me more fit but helps me find solutions!! How great is that? VERY!!

I have suggested many times to find 5 minute here and 10 minutes there a few times a day, everyday, then voila, bit by bit, step by step you’ll end up in better shape. Just getting some air while revving up your circulation after a prolonged sitting session can contribute to you becoming more fit AND productive. And that’s a good thing.

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