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Slimming Sidelines

January 10th, 2011 No Comments Tags: , , , , , , , ,

Making small changes in your eating, lifestyle and activity add up in your favour. Many people think when they change everything they’re doing that this will help them lose weight. Well it might help in the short term. But it’s difficult to sustain in the long term. I say there are enough challenges in life ,why make it so difficult for yourself. Take a few baby steps at a time and keep moving ahead!!

Eat the Best First
Do a 180 change to your approach to eating. Many people often leave the best food morsel for the last bite. What you end up doing is tuning out of your satiety cues and focusing on that savoury last bite. With the serving sizes morphing to tropo grande these days do yourself a favour and change your approach – eat the yummiest morsel on your plate first. When you feel full stop.

Take Back Your Spare Time
We think we live in a time starved era. But think about how much time slips through our fingers. This New Year work on being the master of your own timekeeping domain. Start with weaning down on any excess TV watching. Focus on your favourite shows, then use that in-between time to work in some extra activity, perhaps. Better yet do some dovetailing with your time and do some exercises while you’re watching the tube. When you do this you are less likely to have food in your family room which is also a good behaviour to work on i.e. not eating while watching TV. Look at all of the calories you’ll burn, and others you will save….

Another strategy is to take time when you eat by savouring your food by thoroughly chewing it. How often do you find yourself hurrying through meals and snacks, neglecting yourself from fully enjoying your food – woofing it down? When you do-the-chew you will not only UP the enjoyment factor of eating but you will begin feeling full sooner. You may become more demanding when you learn to make it a habit to taste your food and ultimately reach for more wholesome food more often and less junk. When you take time to really taste your food fully you’ll realize that junk food leaves a bad after taste in your mouth and makes you feel ug-ish shortly after eating it….really.

Want a Waist
Forget “waste not want not” – aim your focus ON your waist. Aim to eliminate wearing elasticized waist bands and loose clothing to take your focus off your waist and put some focus ON it. When it’s meal and snack time make sure you’re wearing something fitted and get out of the habit of loosening your belt. Not only should you feel better with what you’re wearing but this should heighten your realization of feeling full sooner. Who would have thunk??!!

If you have tried year after year to focus solely on your food, consider changing your approach to how you eat and change some ingrained behaviours on your journey.

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You Fill Up My Senses – Falling into Autumn

September 22nd, 2010 No Comments Tags: , , , , ,

I was doing my “mat routine” yesterday and John Denver’s ballad You Fill Up My Senses played on i-Tunes. That song itself fills up my senses. It got me thinking about the wonders of autumn. What’s not to love. Ya I know one season more and winter will be upon us, but let’s stay in the moment folks and get filled up with this new season’s wonders.

Taking my morning walks seems to change daily with the transitioning colours of the fall leaves. Each one painted by Mother Nature herself. The yellows, oranges, reds, magentas, so many lovely lipstick colours it’s simply staggering!! I actually love when the temperatures dip a bit from the summer’s sweltering heat. Nothing like adorning some of my favourite jeans, cords or velvets I haven’t worn in quite some time with a cable knit sweater. Not to mention some fab boots. How cozy and delightful, I just love it!!

I also love transitioning meals to a heartier fare – you know pasta sauces, chili-con-carne, roasted chicken and soups. Head to a fall fair or market near you to capture the height of the harvest. I’ll be posting some of my favourite fall recipes in the Food Revolution Recipe category. I look forward to making some soup together. Yes, “more soup Sassy”!! Incorporating soup into meals is a well documented diet strategy you know. So having heartier meals doesn’t mean you need to bulk up this time of year like the squirrels and polar bears do.

Even though the days are becoming shorter, doesn’t mean you need to become less active. There are still 24 hours in each day people. I like to change up my activity routine infusing it with greater vigilance – my mat routine 3-5 days/week (described in my post in April 28), my walking routine and back to my stair-master and cross country ski machines. Just 10 minutes on each 3-5 times/week helps get rid of the jello that’s accumulated on my thighs and the flab under my bra strap.

So folks, get a new book to snuggle up by the fire with and stay in the moment, because the dawning of fall is a delight for all of our senses.

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Follow the Loser – Testimonials to Get Motivated By

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Everybody’s got a story, don’t they?? Our successful weight losers do too. I divulged some of these on August 9th and thought why not share a few more. As you know I have a weekly post on the results from a survey completed with these women from the first week in July. You can access them all by clicking on the category “Successful Loser Logic”. This is a perfect time of year to regroup and refocus our eating and activity goals. Hearing stories from others can help us light the fire of determination within:
  • Slow and steady wins the race. I lost 0.5-2 lbs/week and the trick was eating the right combination of foods. To everyone’s shock, the more food I ate the more I lost. It worked.
  • I gained approx. 45 pounds over 8 years after going away to school and living on my own. When my wedding rings didn’t fit I joined Weight Watchers and immediately began losing weight in a healthy way. I started to exercise regularly right away too and tried to choose more healthy foods. I always allowed myself to have anything I wanted but in moderation and only if it really tasted good. I lost 45 pounds in 9 months and have kept it off for 1.5 years.
  • I had low self-esteem and walked with my head down most often. I was afraid to join committees. I feel I owe some of my success to my weight loss. Gave me the courage to try new things.
  • I got rid of non-exercise track suits, elastic waist skirts/pants and stretchy jeans. I wear my jeans/shorts every week. They are a great indicator that I might have over-eaten during the week since the first place I notice extra weight is around my stomach. My jeans don’t shrink!!!
  • I lost a total of 55 pounds, it felt great to do but it didn’t feel a comfortable weight for me. I gained about 5-10 pounds back which feels great and is easy to maintain when following the eating pattern developed. My weight in numbers doesn’t matter to me – what matters is how I feel about myself and how I feel I look.
  • Journal your food, exercise, drink lots of water and enjoy how you look now and don’t focus on the 20lbs you have to lose…just focus on the first 5…
  • Feeling better about myself, feeling in good health, being able to walk in high heels……but the most important feeling was when I reached my 25 pounds loss…I really felt like a winner which helped me continue until i reached the 65 pound mark which I am able to maintain. Love yourself and love everyone around you….it will help the way you deal with your weight and will help with metabolism to help to its maximum. NEVER GO HUNGRY!!!!!! Eat!!! But eat smart! Good luck to all.
Do you have a weight loss success story you’re willing to share?? We’d like to know…..
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Waiting for the Shoe to Drop….

September 17th, 2010 No Comments Tags: , ,

What is it about we women and our shoes? An unsuspecting question posed in mixed company some weeks ago. I think the new phenomenon of hoarding all started with one woman’s shoe wardrobe getting out of hand. For some reason needing yet another pair makes total sense for we double-X-ers. But somehow those men from Mars just don’t get it. Maybe it’s because their feet are so big all they can handle is 3 pair. There aren’t cubbies large enough to store them.

Take the black footwear category alone. If I ever find myself shopping with hubby-boy aka Gandolf the White he’ll utter “don’t you have a few (…cough, cough….too many) black pairs already….just like those?” Often spoken when I haven’t even asked for an opinion! Where’s that voice coming from….la la la la la la la…

Now, let’s see, let’s review the black shoe category, shall we – there’re black evening, black walking (with heal), black flat (for walking on cobble streets), black flat (which are nicer looking, good with  jeans), black for a suit/interview, black for wearing with nice trousers, black summer – sandal, flat, little heal, high heal, then black winter – lowrise with treds, higher rise with treds (for those of us who endure winter with snow)…..and that’s just the black section ladies. I think I missed a few subcategories, but you get my drift.

Just between you and me, I have developed a money counting system called “shoe equivalents”. It’s based on my average cost per pair of shoes. Let’s say I pay on average $80/pair of shoes (I excel at finding a great deal). Now, let’s compare this with say, a big screen TV for instance that costs $1,200….also on sale. Hmmmm let’s tally this up shall we…..cha-ching, that would be 15 shoe equivalents. It really creates a good visual to get my point across. Wouldn’t you agree??

Now, take these diva delights in the photo here – my too-high blue-swede shoes. Yes, these are the ones I blogged about September 6. Why would any femme-fatale-of-footwear or Sultan-of-shoe pass up a pair of these puppies? I still have calluses on the balls of my feet from dancing on the ceiling with these. But let me tell you ladies, it was worth it.

What a new pair of shoes means to a woman is like what comfort food means to a man. The only difference is you don’t add another ring around your trunk from an over indulgence of bella scarpi (nice shoes). Nosh on that notion fellas, nosh on that!!

Got a shoe story, come on out with it…….

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Follow the Loser – Delving into the Devilish Details

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I’ve done a lot of talking about finding and emulating role models. Well if you want to be a successful weight loser too it all starts with taking on and acting more like one. I thought you’d be interested in the details about the women who answered our survey questions “the sample” that I’ve been writing about weekly since early July.  It might help you to understand them better and relate to them as well. We had about 60 respondents who took a lot of time to answer a wide array of detailed questions. Here’s the scoop:

About Their Age

30% were 20-30 years of age

30% were 31-40 while

40% were 41+ years of age

When did they lose weight?

44% lost while in their 20′s

28% in their 30′s and

28% in their 40′s plus

How much weight did they lose (in pounds)?

30% lost 20 pounds

32% lost 21-30 pounds while

38% lost more than 30 pounds, 5% of these lost over 90 pounds

What strategies worked most successfully for them?

74% did a combination of things – exercise plus low cal or high protein or low fat

62% followed a commercial program (Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig)

75% said they included behaviour change

About Exercise Regimens

0% did NOT exercise therefore 100% DID exercise

-> many admitted that they didn’t consider walking an exercise :-)

16% exercised daily

61% exercised 2-4 times per week

23% exercised 5-6 times per week

85% did weight training

86% did walking

Handling Holidays & Vacations

40% admit to getting off track during these times

On Eating Out of the Home

-> They do it but not frequently

Dealing with Saboteurs

35% admit to dealing with challenging people around their diet

>90% of them have strategies to deal with these situations

I feel we had a representative sample of women in our study sample who lost weight successfully. They spanned a cross section of ages and life stages plus amounts of weight lost. They also kept it off for at least a year. This sort of undertaking is not for the faint of heart. It takes a lot of time, energy, planning and commitment to sustain the changes made and weight losses achieved. My hats off to all successful weight losers and to those of you working diligently on trying.

Remember, life is a journey and you’ll never waste your time trying to do things to make yourself better. Persistence pays off.

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Follow the Loser – Being Fashionably Attentive

August 16th, 2010 No Comments Tags:

It’s interesting to delve into juicy details about how “successful weight losers” keep motivated to maintain weight loss. As we all know, losing weight is one part of the weight loss success puzzle, keeping it off for good is a whole other piece. Continuing on the “successful weight loser” theme written about weekly since July 6 here are more stories. In the survey we conducted, we asked our respondents if they paid attention to what they wear and prompted them to explain further. They told us “absolutely yes!” with stories to boot. Here’s what our material girls told us:

  • I always have and probably always will! How one presents themselves is very important and gives a message to others what you think of yourself, regardless of your shape/size. Now that I’m 20 (!!!) dress sizes smaller, I have many more choices in clothing and this makes going shopping even more fun! I also love how I look and feel and must say I enjoy getting looks and comments from others re: my appearance.
  • Shopping for new clothes was very inspiring/rewarding. I’ve always been heavier/curvy (at heaviest – size 14, on average size 12 – I’m 5’2″). I’ve never thought of myself as a “small” person, but to buy a size four was really shocking. It forced me to re-think my beliefs about my size.
  • I started to, only after I lost weight. It made big difference to my ability to maintain my weight.
  • Yes, I think people should dress in a way that makes them feel good about themselves and wear clothes that suit their body type and have them fit properly.
  • If I dress a bit nicer and put more effort into my appearance, I feel better about myself, which in turn helps me to stick with my workout and diet routine. Funny cycle!!
  • When I was really heavy I dressed in layers, to hide the bulges (who was I kidding?) I also wore dark coloured clothes. The theory is that dark colours are slimming. I still prefer loose clothing, but I wear much brighter colours now.
  • I always choose clothes that are flattering to my body and make me look slim and emphasize my assets.

As I always say, “accentuate the positive”…. I wrote about this March 29 so give that a read. Are you fashionably attentive to keep you in the game? Tell us all about it. Who doesn’t LOVE to chat about dressing for success??!!

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Follow the Loser – Tips & Tricks to Dine Out By

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It’s the height of summertime. I love dining outdoors when the weather’s great. How about you? I thought it would be timely to tap into our successful weight loser logic on strategies they use when eating out.  Continuing on the “successful weight loser” theme written about July 6, 12 and 19, here are more juicy tips.

As I mentioned last week my good friend and colleague and I conducted a survey on successful weight losers a few years ago. These women provided pearls of wisdom on many aspects of their lives and today the spotlight is on how they approach dining out:

  • I do my homework before I go to the restaurant by looking up nutritional information and decide what I’ll order. This takes the guess work out for when I get there.
  • The portions have gotten out of hand. I either choose something from the kids menu or I just cut my plate in half and eat that portion only, bringing the rest home.
  • I eat lighter during the day. If I’ve over-indulged, I try and cut back the next day, and increase my activity level.
  • If there’s wine at the meal, I have a spritzer first, or alternate drinks with sparkling water. I choose to spend the calories on the food rather than the beverages. If I do choose to have wine, I’ll begin drinking it after the food arrives.
  • I have found that because I have maintained my weight for about 6 years now, that I don’t have to think about controlling my appetite. I use strategies that have become second nature to me such as make sure to put down my fork and talk to the company I am with.
  • I stop and monitor if I am hungry and decide if I will continue eating or not.
  • I box up any extra food left and take home for someone else to eat, or for my lunch the next day.
  • I am watchful of portion sizes. I don’t mind asking for a container to take the remainder home.
  • Serving size is my biggest challenge. I try to eat slowly and talk lots!
  • I try to take an extra walk during the day. I am to eat less and keep busy during the day , plus I drink lots of water.
  • I wear a fitted waistband!
  • I try to avoid being overly hungry for the meal. I’ll eat something before I leave home like a piece of fruit, or some yogurt, or even some bean salad so it will stay in your system for a while. So if I’m not that hungry I’ll eat less.

There are 3 other posts on this topic – March 29, April 22 and 25 to provide further strategies to get you equipped for managing your weight while dining out. For many TGIF is followed by TGIS then TGIS, then TGIM….. If you’re eating out way more than usual, paying attention to the finer details will surely help you manage your weight more effectively while getting maximal enjoyment from eating out.

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Follow the Loser – Tips & Tricks to Vacation By

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It’s the height of summertime which often equates to vacation time or holiday mentality when it comes to eating, drinking, activity and well, being merry. Continuing on the “successful weight loser” theme written about July 6 and 12, I felt it timely to include this theme.

As I mentioned last week my good friend and colleague Cara Rosenbloom and I conducted a survey on successful weight losers a few years ago. These women spilled a lot of beans on this (and many other) topic(s) on how they approach vacationing. Here are some of their pearls of wisdom to vacation by.

On Eating, Moderation & Balancing:

  • Plan ahead and have some of the things you love but don’t overindulge.
  • I never go to an eating occasion hungry.
  • Lose the “all or nothing” mentality that comes with vacation eating/drinking “amnesia”.
  • I make sure I have healthy snacks on hand.
  • Balance what you eat. My tip… before you go to those meals…the edge is off your appetite so you have less tendency to overeat.
  • I eat what I want, but small portions and in moderation; if I overeat I exercise longer the next day.
  • Maintain food limits 80% of the time and enjoy drinks or desserts 20% of the time.

On Activity and Exercise:

  • Keep exercising, even on vacation. If you overindulge one day, eat better the next few days to compensate.
  • On holidays I’m usually more physically active because I’m out of the office.
  • Exercise first thing in the morning every day.
  • Exchange my regular routine with other things like walking on beach, stretching and spot exercises.
  • I actually like working out when I’m away. It’s a new gym or a new place to run. And I feel extra-proud of myself for having done it! Still, I’ll eat everything (in moderation), because… it’s a VACATION!

These women appear to have their routines down pat where balance and moderation are keys to success. They don’t “fall off the wagon” by any means but partake in the holiday eating while continuing activity to offset the intake. Very wise words to follow, don’t you think??

There are 3 other posts on this topic – May 17 & 18 and June 13 to help you with strategies to get equipped for managing your weight while away and returning home. Don’t let your diet dictate your vacation plans too any extreme. We live in a wonderful world so get out there experience it and enjoy it to the max!!

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Follow the Loser – Tips & Tricks to Succeed By

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A good friend and colleague of mine, Cara Rosenbloom and I conducted a survey on successful weight losers a few years ago. These women told us lots of juicy stuff pertaining to their secrets of successful losing. Each week I plan on covering this very topic in some shape or form, so do share this T & T link with people who you know are interested.

One of the questions we asked was about the top tips and tricks they used to maintain the weight they lost. Here are some popular strategies they shared with us:

Have A Positive Attitude – Never Give Up

“It’s a lifestyle not a competition” one woman wrote. Setting your sights on the long haul keeps successful losers in the game. A positive approach is the best offence for dealing with challenges like a birthday dinner to the office eating saboteur.

Be Flexible with Your Plans

“Stop calling it a diet!” another woman wrote. Ensure your eating pattern is consistent (no meal skipping). This will ensure you don’t feel overly hungry. We all know the effect of that, don’t we?? Being too rigid doesn’t help if you’re on vacation, eating out or presented with an unexpected social situation. You don’t want to miss out on living because you’re watching what you’re eating.

Deal with Emotional Eating

Be gentle but honest with yourself” one woman suggested. A number of respondents felt that journaling helped them heighten their awareness of what they were eating and able to identify particular issues they encountered. Let’s face it, from when we were young food has been used to sooth us, show love and much more. If you know your emotions get in the way of weight loss success the sooner you deal with it the better.

Planning is Key

“Make your grocery list and learn to read food labels” someone else noted. If you don’t have good food choices in your home and work it’s impossible to get and stay on track. Also, knowledge is power, so learning about what’s in your food is key.

Look Your Best

“Donate your large clothes” one woman highlighted. Once you’re “shrunk out of” your larger clothes why hold on to them, get rid of them?! Successful losers have told us when they look good, they feel good and when they feel good they eat better (posted on March 29).

Do you have any tips and tricks you’re willing to share? Come on, spill it…

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One Chance to Make a First Impression

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Well it’s true, we only have one chance to make a first impression. Not three, not when it’s convenient, but one. This theme came to mind when I heard that my nephew was just hired at a new company – kudos my pumpkin (no matter what age he is, he is still my pumpkin)!!

Apparently some time ago he was in a meeting at his current place of work with people from this other company. Well, as the story goes, they contacted him offline because they were impressed……

We never know in life when fate will meet opportunity. That is one of life’s mysteries. This got me thinking about the office staff “summer casual dress code”. In previous jobs many geddups rolled in to my place of work – from lacy camisoles (mostly ok for evening), to low rise waist lines (mostly ok for home, maybe the basement), to micro minis (mostly ok for the tennis court….with tennis panties to match), to plunging necklines (mostly ok for the bar scene), to scuffies (mostly ok for the beach), to thong sightings (never appropriate to be seen, ever). Many of these geddups at work lacked get up and go, should have got up and went!! Believe it or not I’m fairly liberal with my fashion rules, but at work common sense needs to rule, alas this isn’t so common, I’m afraid. I’m sure if my nephew first met his future employer wearing board shorts and scuffies or socks with sandals, his first impression and job outcome would have been very different.

I love the saying “life isn’t a dress rehearsal”, because it isn’t!! Every day you’re on the proverbial “stage of life”. You are your own brand, so foster it, work it, improve it. You never know who you’re going to be bumping into. You can look polished and professional no matter what your weight or office dress code.

So, look in the mirror. What impression are you making at this very moment?

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