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Who’s Retiring Anyways?

August 11th, 2014 2 Comments Tags: , , , ,

Someone I know is conspiring
That they might consider retiring
Has worked a long time
Many achievements have shined
Inspiring many behind him

He believes that anything’s possible
Stays the course, and is always unstoppable
Has made a huge mark
Is a remarkable spark
To all that are all around him

Has a way to make you get better
His approach is always unfettered
Helps you rise to new heights
Using all of your might
Never taking the credit because of him

Has learned to have his priorities straight
Which for me is absolutely great
Work/life balance is fine
Our life together is so divine
Special times just being with him

This person I know can’t retire!
Just shift gears of his inner bonfire
Not able to slow down
Always runs fully wound
Boundless energy with more ahead of him

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Summertime Scoop – Frozen Reality

July 4th, 2014 1 Comment Tags: , , , , , , ,

Ahhh it’s summer. I found myself meandering down the ice cream aisle of the grocery store and figured, hmmmm, now’s as good a time as any to write about our love affair with ice cream, MmmMmMmmm. Just last week, I was taking transit downtown and sat across from a grown lad holding one of those gi-normous cups with a lid with a straw that stood straight, a blizzard of sorts. Awareness is bliss about the nutritional value of those seasonal treats that can’t be beat!

Here’s a loose listing of the some of the large choices from DQ with numbers knocked out of the stratosphere. Yes folks, take a moment from your busy routine to scan what these goblets of goo contain. None of these are top grade choices from moi, even when I proclaim “all foods fit” – after consuming any of these you will edge out the calories for much real food in your day. Don’t kid yourself and let these numbers wash over you before you get in the car to go yonder for an icy treat. Let hell freeze over first!

Don’t let the “Health” Blizzard fool you my fine friend. There is no health halo on this master blaster with over 1,000 calories in a serving, 50 g fat and 28 tsp sugar. As the late John Pinette would say “nay nay I say”!! Keep in mind that a 3 oz steak has 174 calories and 9 g fat. And if you think you’ll be virtuous and watch everyone nosh and order a latte, check out those numbers below, these are not even a little bit good. Take a gander:

Blizzard Treats – Turtle Pecan Cluster – large 1330 calories, 67 g fat, 120 g sugar (24 tsp)

Shake it UP – Malt Peanut Butter – large 1350 calories, 72 g fat, 107 g sugar (21.5 tsp)

Arctic Rush Freeze – all flavours large is 600 calories, 15 g fat, 93 gm sugar (18.5 tsp)

Lemonade Chiller – strawberry, large 720 calories, 0 g fat, 179 gm sugar (36 tsp)

Mocha MooLatte – large, 830 calories, 30 g fat, 114 g sugar (23 tsp)

Health Blizzard – large, 1150 calories, 50 g fat, 140 g sugar (28 tsp)

My Mother often had a saying about “getting a taste out of her mouth” at a certain time of the month. So if you must choose a treat try ordering the kiddie cone and live large getting it dipped it in chocolate. I have fond memories trying to eat this treat when I was young slow enough not to get “brain freeze” but fast enough so the chocolate wouldn’t melt all over my hand, down my chin and onto my t-shirt…

Chocolate dipped cone – Kids’ – 220 calories, 9 g fat, 20 g sugar (4 tsp)

Banana Split – 530 calories, 13 gm fat, 75 g sugar (13 tsp)

During the summer I occasionally buy some individually wrapped ice cream treats. I love an ice cream sandwich now and then or a mint chocolate chip bar to get that taste out of MY mouth. It doesn’t get me tempted to run after the ice cream truck in my neighbourhood or hop in the car and drive to a DQ now that these numbers are indelible on my mind. I don’t give it another thought. Neither should you! When on my western homebase in Kelowna, BC I’ll visit Moo-Licks for a scoop or two during my stay.

Orange Creamsicle – 100 calories/bar

Ice Cream Sandwich – 150 calories/sandwich

Good Humour Snack pops (100 calories/pop)

Klondike cones – 270 calories, 12 g fat, 24 g sugar (5 tsp)

When I say all foods fit I mean a snack sized morsel, once in a while, such as 1-2 small treats each week – sit, savour and enjoy then forget about it. There are many summertime joys. Remember, there’s more to life than stuffing your face!

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Wanna Give Healthy Eating a Whirl? Simply Cook & Enjoy!

March 28th, 2014 No Comments Tags: , , , ,

Since spring has sprung you may want to up your nutritional mojo by jacking up the healthful quotient of your food. A great way to end Nutrition Month is by carrying these stealthy and healthy cooking tricks into April, and each month that follows, don’t you think? Have you downloaded Dietitian of Canada’s hot app Cookspiration yet? I’ve got the inside scoop on what’s in the works for the next version’s release in April. Let me tell you, I’ll be trying out an array of the new recipes, as will you I expect. The download numbers are over 66,000 since it’s launch. Work with me will you and spread the word!

Want to give healthy cooking a whirl? Think outside the salad spinner!

Looking for ways to make some of your favourite recipes a little healthier? Try these ideas to add more veggies and fruit to your meals and snacks without a lot of fuss:

  • Blend a handful of spinach or kale into a fruit smoothie
  • Mash cooked cauliflower together with potatoes
  • Add puréed butternut squash to homemade macaroni and cheese
  • Shred carrots, zucchini or onions into spaghetti sauce
  • Stir canned puréed pumpkin into whole grain pancake or muffin batter
  • Sprinkle berries onto breakfast cereal or yogurt

For tasty meatballs with added greens, a perfect post St. Paddy’s day addition and a pot of gold of goodness for you and your family!

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Testing, Testing, Put Your Diet to the “Thanksgiving Dinner Test”

October 9th, 2013 No Comments Tags: , , , , , , , ,

Well folks Thanksgiving is almost upon us. Who doesn’t love this festive weekend, especially the lavish family meals that go with it. That horn of plenty is bursting with all this harvest has to offer. Think about what is served at a typical Thanksgiving dinner: the turkey, the nutty dressing, those golden roasted potatoes, Brussels sprouts, mashed yams, cauliflower and cheese casserole, homemade pie with a dab of ice cream. Ahhh gotta love all of this with a repeat to cover both sides of the family.

Some people, might like this time of year though to kick off a new diet regimen along with the football season. If this is the case for you let me suggest you put whatever regimen you choose to my special test – the “Thanksgiving Dinner Test” explained in my ebook Skinny on Slim. If a diet doesn’t allow you to eat the food served at this celebratory dinner, then forget about it, don’t give it another thought.

I’m not a lover of diets. They’re like living in a straight jacket with so many don’ts they’re hard to keep track of and even harder to adhere to. Many do result in weight loss, for a little while, until your resolve caves letting the food floodgates to fly open, then your weight rebounds. You end up feeling like you failed rather than the diet failed you. Think about it. Let this fall be pivotal for you and go on a plan you can adhere to for life, set in fundamental principles to help you lose weight, thrive, and soar for good from Fat City to Slim Town.

Look yourself in the mirror and make a pact that from this day forward you will set yourself free from dieting forever. Be darn sure that the plan you choose passes my Thanksgiving dinner test. If a diet doesn’t allow you to eat the food served at this celebratory dinner — the turkey, the nutty dressing, those golden roasted potatoes, Brussels sprouts, mashed yams, cauliflower and cheese casserole, homemade pie with a dab of ice cream — then forget about it, don’t give it another thought. Got it?

Read about this with solutions to help you along your journey in Skinny On Slim, The little black dress of diet books found on Amazon.  Also available on i-Tunes, Kobo/Chapters, Barnes & Noble, Diesel and Sony.

Enjoy your trip!

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Recreate the Route in Your Own Routine

September 4th, 2013 No Comments Tags: , , , , , , , , , , ,

When I think about the post labour day season and what I love about it most, one word comes to mind – routine. When I ponder all of my meanderings on my personal health and wellness routine this summer I realize that it’s time to reign it all in, get back on track and recalculate my route with my own routine, just like a personal GPS. My annual physical is scheduled in a few short weeks and the countdown is ON. Here are some quick changes to get started:

Breakfast basics – Say bye bye to buffet style breakfasts, au dios! Get back to breakfast basics with that trusty bowl of hot oatmeal and skim milk. Savour the flavour with some fruit in season and a sprinkle of nuts on top.

Watering hole – No more umbrellas in your drinks! Get back to drinking water throughout the day if your choices have gone astray.

Mat routine fiend – Ab crunch a bunch! Better yet blow the dust off your trusty mat and get down and dirty with your core-strenghtening routine, arm weights, lunges and squats.

Say okay to 5-10 a day – If you’ve forgotten what you supposed to get 5 – 10 a day of let me remind you! It’s September bounty time and work in those fruits and veggies every single day.

Pack a snack Jack – Three square meals is so passé! Include a few snacks each day that’ll keep that overeater inside of you at bay – try skim milk, a handful of almonds, a piece of fruit, some chic peas, a single serve yoghurt.

Dining with less wining – Ok initially there might be more whining with the wine wean, but it’s time to be kind to your liver. Limit your alcohol intake because the party’s over princess!

Get a groove with your moves – Move that booty more! Every muscle movement uses energy and the more you move the more you’ll burn. Get your masterful machine moving more often throughout the day when you can -walk, mosey, sache, samba, climb, dance, shimmy, jog, saunter, run…..

Ok doc, will be seeing you soon and I’ll be ready to face your scale, measuring tape, pokes, prods and more, you’ll see! My route in Slim Town is being recalculated as we speak!

Find many healthy and stealthy tips in my e-book Skinny On Slim now available on Amazon. Also available on i-Books, Kobo/Chapters, Barnes & Noble, Diesel and Sony.

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August 16th, 2013 No Comments Tags: , , , , , , ,

I remember a quirky yet engaging high school physics teacher of mine introducing the topic of entropy back in the ’70′s. From what I can recall entropy in nature tends from order to disorder, hmmmm. I was never much of a physics whiz, but Father James’ memorable explanation has stuck with me oh for decades now.

Many everyday things come to mind when I think about entropy – crumbs on my kitchen floor, that sports sock or tights drawer, the “catch all” shelf in the garage, that workbench in the laundry room (I don’t know any workmen…), my growing shoe collection, a barrage of scarves and the list goes on and on. I truly believe the same phenomenon holds true with our behaviour. Things can change from order to disorder in a heartbeat!

I think it’s a myth that it’s easier to keep a handle on your handles in the summer time. Whoever proclaimed that was only kidding themselves. For example: with summer travel comes unique eating and drinking experiences. Is it too hot to exercise? Who doesn’t love sitting outside with a sparkling glass of something to tantalize your tastebuds a summer fades away? Plus:

  • An extra meal here
  • A new appetizer there
  • The launch of a new pinot gris with a catchy name
  • The muse bouche before a 5-course meal
  • That “have to” try it, extra spoon of dessert even when you don’t really want it
  • To the false tummy rumbles from being used to eating more
  • To mistakenly thinking this was hunger rather than gypsy music
  • To a season gone by and dawning those skinny jeans that squeal when you yank them up – OUCH!

Yes folks, entropy – that’s your routine morphing from some sense of springtime semblance of order to disarray by fall. Sound familiar? It’s a perfect time of year to take stock of this concept in your own life before it remains the norm.

Time for some “order in YOUR court” don’t you think?

If you haven’t already, download my e-book Skinny on Slim now available from Amazon. Also available on i-Tunes, Kobo/Chapters, Barnes & Noble, Diesel and Sony.

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No More Royal Treatment

July 23rd, 2013 No Comments Tags: , , , , , ,

The birth of Kate & Will’s new prince got me thinking about the royal treatment, hmmmm. I’m returning home from a summer vacation of wining, dining and enjoying the west to the max, my own royal treatment of sorts. As I sit in the airport lounge I’m in the ready position to re-establish my routine. Here are some thoughts running through my mind….

A mound of laundry
A pile of mail
My porridge bowl
And bread gone stale

A grocery list
In need of stuff
The long flight home
Now enough is enough!

A dinner offering
Not paired with wine
Back to my walk
When the morning sun shines

Time change adjustment
Need a fast switch
My mat and weights
I’m feeling the itch

It’s great to travel
Enjoy a change of scene
But snap back to normal
With my trusty routine!

Really though, there’s no place like home…..

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Mediterranean Diet Approach

July 10th, 2013 No Comments Tags: , , , , , , ,

I read that Penelope Cruz got her figure back after having her second baby some time ago by adopting the Mediterranean Diet and dancing, hmmmmm. This regimen has more to do with a certain pattern than a diet, which is easy to adopt and has a wide variety of terrific food.

It includes plenty of plant foods with some animal protein that inherently have a limited amount of saturated fat depending on what you choose. There is little processed food and it’s high on fresh, local fare. Meals allow a plethora of veggies and fruits, legumes, nuts and seeds with a dash of olive oil and whole grains, pasta and cereal with smaller amounts of protein such as fish, chicken, meat, cheeses washed down with a glass of wine – cin cin!

As I previously mentioned the pattern includes an easy, enjoyable pace for mealtime respecting the food and cook all the while. There’s no woofing down a meal or eating while watching the boob tube, for instance, not to mention eating on the run or buying food from a drive-thru.

It’s food glorious food on this regimen, most in it’s most natural form! You still need to be watchful of your quantities though. As I’ve said before, olive oil may be considered a “good fat” but the glug, glug, glug of the olive oil jug still adds over 120 calories/tablespoon to your food. Like any regimen all calories count so there’ll be no throwing caution to the wind on this or any plan.

If you’re thinking about adopting a better way of eating consider transitioning to a Mediterranean diet. Ciao bella!!

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A Winning State of Mind

July 7th, 2013 No Comments Tags: , , , , , , , , ,

I watched the men’s Wimbledon final match with Murray and Jokovic. What stuck with me most from one of Andy’s comments from one of his interviews was his admission that his team of coaches helped him learn how to win from his past losses, hmmmmmm.

As I began doing my mat routine following the match – that 16 minute investment into my hourglass every second day – I thought more deeply about those words. In order to win you need to develop a winning state of mind, a positive “can do” attitude, ways to motivate yourself, find ways to stay in the game, any game in life, that is.

Certainly the same holds true when you embark on that journey to be healthier, more fit, a better weight for your frame. So many people only focus on the food and various nutrients. I get so angry when I see the latest claims about various magical elements touting to be “the” secret to your weight loss success – whether it’s green coffee beans, strawberry ketones, vitamin B6 and kelp and more. Trust me a little dash of any of these are far from magic. It’s up to you to put your own artillery together to help you win and succeed from changing your mindset, to your pattern, to your awareness, to treating yourself better, to your movement movement and more.

I describe many stealthy and healthy tips and tricks in my book Skinny on Slim. Take advantage of my summer promo. It’s currently free from all outlets in all formats during July. What have you got to lose?? You’ll surely gain a new perspective on the topic….

Get my release Skinny on Slim: (available in multiple formats)
Also available on i-Books, Kobo/Chapters, Barnes & Noble, Diesel and Sony
Web site:

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Hockey’s On Ice! How’s Your Activity Routine Shaping UP?

June 26th, 2013 No Comments Tags: , , , , , , , , , , ,

Ok so this hockey season is now officially over; one of the shortest season ever, ending on the heels of July amidst steamy heat. The truth be told the only ice I want this time of year is in cube form floating in my drink or a slab I can lie on to make a pretend snow angel to cool down after taking a long walk….. ahhhhh.

Nadal’s knocked out of Wimbledon while Raonic remains; the Blue Jays are as hot as Toronto’s temperature….. mostly. Does a day every go by when there isn’t one sport or another on the tube to watch rather than join in and do?!

I’ll divulge when the closing hockey game started I bolted for the door and out for an evening stroll. With all of the back biting and fighting is it any different than the Desperate Housewives with a dash of testosterone throne in?! It’s so easy to get sucked into a routine that snuffs out your activity good intentions. Whether the excuse is wanting to watch show after show or game after game; or hibernating because it’s too cold and now it’s too hot; or rain is threatening the excuse list is lengthening. The hammer needs to come down on all of these reasons not to move altogether; pronto already.

Good intentions turn into action when you take the first step, literally. Don’t give it another thought. Here are some tips to win the argument over inertia and get moving:

  • Don’t hesitate, just GO – deafen that devilish voice trying to thwart your activity efforts
  • Take an umbrella or a raincoat to keep you dry if it’s raining, you won’t melt!
  • Drink your fluids before you set out and/or bring a portable water bottle when it’s sweltering (don’t forget your sunscreen)
  • Set your phone or clock alarm to when you made your goal time in your day to move – let that be your wake up call and refer back to point 1!
  • PVR your favourite television shows and watch ‘em when you return (commercial free… bonus!)
  • Chunk down 15 minute intervals and sneak them into to your day to move more – your new movement movement!! (as described in )

Ponder how much of your valuable time is eaten up with time wasters each day – gabbing on the phone, gossiping by the water cooler, scrolling through Facebook ad nausium, ditto for Twitter and more. Sitting it touted as the risk factor du jour for some time now and it’s summer folks. If you say you’re too busy to find a measly 30 minutes each day for activity or exercise count up all of that time you find yourself whittling away…. Let’s turn the beat around and get constructive with your time usage to move more.

It’ll be easier to keep it up by autumn.

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