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Skinny on Slim - the Little Black Dress of Diet Books

This is an essential diet & lifestyle book. You will immediately relate to Francy’s animated and intimate journey from Fat City to Slim Town and feel inspired to make the same trip, solving your eating issues along the way. At times you’ll laugh out loud while at others you’ll delve deep into your soul.

Your eating will be enlightened yet you will not go hungry or feel pressure. You will learn about the 3-by-3 approach and three Rs – reviewing, reflecting and reframing – to help you create your own love story with food and activity. Oodles of healthy and stealthy tips and revealing testimonials from a cast of successful weight losers will also motivate you on your way to ultimate success.

Francy clicks with the reader: “Let’s bond as blood sisters of sorts. Instead of raising our swords, we’ll clink our wine glasses, kick off our Manolos, peel off our Spanx, undo our ultra-reinforced underwire bra and share real life strategies together.” A typical finger-wagging dietitian the author is NOT.

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