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Well if an eating vortex actually exists, I’m sure it got it’s footing on the all inclusive vacation. I was recently on one of these and feel I needed to run a mid trip marathon to offset all of those extra calories being snuck in. I’m sure Brian Wansink who wrote Mindless Eating would have a heyday just observing people in action while on one of these junkets (see the April 9 post). A handy guide of eating tips in hand would certainly help with the holiday planning.

You need to face the harsh reality that all calories count while on the all inclusive. You might get more for your dollar by partaking in the over-eating and drinking frenzy, but when the river boat hits the final port getting back to reality will certainly be tough if you don’t follow some fort of a strategy.

Ground Control to Major TomHave your wits about you at the many buffets. Walk around it and think before you scoop. Remind yourself you can’t have everything that’s being offered each “eating occasion” so choose a few options and find a seat. Trading off is the rule of the day. Aim to load up on the lower cal stuff more often (soup, veggies and fruit).

Slow Down You Move too Fast - Try as hard as you can to slow down your eating pace. You’re not running off to the office after all so take the time to enjoy your food. Feel your personal satiety meter register almost full or just comfortable. There will be another eating opportunity in a few hours, trust me. I find myself observing others which is great blog fodder. Ok, my mother-in-law who was celebrating her 80th calls it my evil eye. My interpretation is that she has a guilty conscience. Calling her the Baconator a few times radically changed her bacon eating behaviour at breakfast :-) That’s what you get when you go on vacation with a dietitian!!

99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall 99 Bottles of Beer – Keep an eye on your bevy intake. We had extra rain on the trip so the staff was trying their darndest to make every hour happy hour. Drink and enjoy slowly making sure you intersperse water to keep well hydrated. You’ll save yourself a mess of calories.

Let’s Get Physical, Physical – Walk your heart out on the walking tours. Do all you can to offset the excess intake with excess activity. Bank on an exercise room that’s rarely used during free time while the boat is moving. I forgot to pack exercise clothes so used good ole jeans and a t-shirt instead.

She’s Just too Funky for Me – Get gussied up for your main meal so you feel extra fab. Avoid elastic waist bands and mu-mu’s….so you don’t end up feeling like one after the trip!

All Around the World – Do partake in the local food specialties – Hungarian goulash, weiner schnitzel, apricot strudel, roast duck, dumplings….. You didn’t travel afar to nosh on all familiar fare. Just make sure you draw a line in the proverbial sand and know when enough is enough.

Keep in mind the many rewards you are bestowing on yourself by taking a vacation, not just the food. There’s rest, fun time with family, the privilege of learning about other cultures, free time…..

After all was said and done Mother Dearest admitted to losing 5.5 pounds during the trip despite partaking in the many buffets, great food and wine with lots of walking tours. That got me thinking about starting Through Thick and Thin holiday tours. Be prepared to be heckled….just a little!!

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