Freedoms We Share

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A few civic holidays are upon us here in North America – Canada Day on July 1 and Independence Day in the US on July 4. We may only think of them as well deserved days off, but in the grand scheme of things they really mean so much more. I did a bit of soul searching on the deeper meaning of these and wanted to share with you.

Some people view the world using “the glass half empty” perspective. I, contrarily, wear rose coloured glasses and see “the glass half full”. Ok, I know we need more rights and equalities as women. Recently, my good friend was doing a work exchange in a far away hospital and realized she wasn’t in Kansas anymore…..hey Dorothy? From the “men only” sitting rooms to the “men only” elevators, it really makes you stop, think and appreciate how good we have it as women in the free world.

A few years ago I trekked with my  hubby – the international man of mystery, to a different far away place and found some similar surprises. I learned women couldn’t own stuff, like real estate or anything outside of wedlock.

During our stay, my friend Hanada and I decided to take a cab to the local grocery store to pick up water and some fruit. At one point we realized we were the only women shoppers in the store. The mere act of women withdrawing money with our own bank cards and grocery shopping was foreign. That really made me stop and think……

Of course we ended up in the women’s clothing section trying on straw hats, linen capris, sandals, etc. and forgot to pick up what we went for. Who needs food after a good shopping spree anyways!! We might gripe and complain about the simple act of grocery shopping, but we have the freedom to make that choice. A choice that is not as common in other places in the world. A choice we have.

When you step back and think about what concerns you as a woman, you might think about health, wellness and even your weight. If that’s on the top of our list of concerns, we’re doing ok, aren’t we?? We have so many freedoms that many women don’t in other parts of the world that it’s easy to take our situation for granted.

I know it’s nice to have the day off. But however you choose to spend your civic holiday, take a moment to say a little “thank you” prayer that you’re lucky enough to be concerned about matters that others might think are so trivial.

I know people who routinely buy lottery tickets and never realize they’ve already won.

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