Fit Happens!

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Perhaps you’ve heard this saying used in a different way, hmmmmm. When it comes to your own wellness, it will certainly improve as you aim to get more fit. So yes, FIT can and does happen!

You don’t need any grandiose scheme to get there. Consider ways to get yourself to move more. I have written about “Finding 5′s“. I wrote about this in my ebook, Skinny on Slim, the Little Black Dress of Diet Books on starting a “movement movement” and “interval training” by doing a few 15 minute intervals of movement in your day.

Ever wonder why Goody-2-Shoes in your department has the highest sales record while Sammy-the-Shortcut has the lowest? It could be because Goody plans more face time with key people instead of messaging and e-mailing. She works in stealth moves that adds to her fitness scorecard.

I find moving from point ‘a’ to point ‘b’ is a perfect way to mull over what’s going on in my life and it allows me time to search for ideas. Thinking might be an action word (verb) but for me thinking while walking not only gets me more fit but helps me find solutions! How great is that? VERY!

Consider starting your own movement movement by moving 15 minutes at a time a few times a day, everyday. In time you’ll get in better shape. Just getting some air while revving up your circulation after a prolonged time of sitting can contribute to you becoming more fit AND productive. Now that prolonged sitting is the new smoking, let’s make a pact to get and keep moving!

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