Truffle Triumph!

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I have been making these terrific truffles to give away at Christmas since I was in school in the 80′s. It was something I first did with my Mom aka Nan way back then. I have continued this tradition each year ever since. There have been a few requests for the recipe, so here’s a repost of it. This is something I get joy out of doing for many reasons while giving joy to others.

I don’t make a mantage of cookies and holiday treats. I make a mother load of these and give them away to family, friends, colleagues and confidants. My peeps look forward to these tasty morsels and I feel great spreadin’ the lovin’ around as part of the season!


600gm brown, dark or white chocolate wafers plus another pound to dip truffles into if you choose

1 can (300mL) sweetened condensed milk

2-3 tablespoons suitable liqueur (Baileys or Kalua for brown, Cointrou or Gran Marnier for white) and a little shot for you, ho ho ho!!

edible decorations (whole pecans/almonds/hazel nuts, sugar decorations, chocolate shavings, cocoa)

packaging material (cellophane bags, boxes, ribbons)


Clean and dry all of your counter surfaces and tie back your hair (not in that order). Melt the chocolate wafers either using a double boiler OR at the extra low setting in the microwave. Avoid burning or getting moisture in the mix by mixing intermittently.

While melting the chocolate open the can of condensed milk and have the liqueur of your choice ready to pour. Stir the chocolate intermittently until smooth and fully melted. Once melted remove from heat and add the condensed milk using a spatula and the liqueur. Stir thoroughly until fully combined. Cover the bowl and allow to set for 1-2 hours in the refrigerator. You can prep this the evening before.

Ready to Roll….Literally!

Take the mixture out of the fridge 1 hour before you plan to roll them. Ensure you have a clean, dry surface area and cover it with waxed paper and tie back your hair. Using a teaspoon and in a comfortable sitting position spoon out a teaspoon of mixture at a time and role with your clean hands and place on the waxed paper. Repeat until you rolled the entire mixture. This recipe yields ~100 truffles. If you roll them as big as meatballs you’ll get less, so size matters in this context! I make 4-5 times this recipe, shown in the photos. How crazy is that??!! Very….. Here’s my post on truffle trouble shooting for you serious bakers.

Dippity Due Da Day

Ok now you’re ready to dip these puppies. This step is optional. However if you do this, they keep well for weeks. I usually dip truffles in the same colour chocolate for sensory reasons. You don’t want to confuse the eater! Melt the chocolate on low and prepare the candy cups. Cover your clean counter with waxed paper. Dip each truffle and using a spoon put each truffle in a candy cup.

Decorate & Look Great…..Mate!!

Decorate the truffles as you dip them. You can decorate some with nuts and others with sugar decorations. I sometimes use white and dark chocolate shavings that look lovely and taste delectable….so I’ve heard. It all depends on your preference. Allow the decorated truffles to dry thoroughly for an hour or so before boxing them up. It’s a perfect time for a walk as your break from the kitchen.

Package ‘em Up Folks & They’re Ready to Give

Now you’re ready to package up your creations. Wash your hands well and dry thoroughly. This is an individual step to make these any way you wish. There’s really nothing like giving something you’ve made as a little part of you.


Let me tell you, I only make these once a year because it takes me that long to forget how sore I felt the year before when I finished – ug. Note to self, avoid doing your weights and stretching exercise routine before making these, because all of these steps take longer to finish than doing the Iron Man. You may want to consider making a small batch or two the first time to get the hang of it. It doesn’t need to morph into the Truffle Triathlon, if you don’t want it to be.

I’ll level with you though. Any Betty Baker knows this recipe is really glorified fudge with a splash of booze. Ok I plead the 5th. You can do this easy and put ‘em in a pan and cut into squares – presto you’re done sans back ache in 10 minutes. But it’s Christmas time, so go “ALL-THE-WAY” like Chris Berman says when he broadcasts football.

I enjoy sharing these with my Mom and Mother Dearest to give away as well. I’m already in the good books with both of them and it’s only December 1st! Isn’t that what the Christmas season is all about anyway? Sharing. Ho ho ho.

There is no doubt you’ll be ready for a bubble bath or better yet a back massage when you’re done :-) It’s definitely worth the effort though even after 30-something years of making them. Spread the love and enjoy!

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2 Responses to “Truffle Triumph!”

  1. Rose says:

    Thanks so much for sharing these again.
    I also looked at the tips and the trouble shooting were great suggestions. Although last year I don’t when I tested out this recipe I don’t think I ran into trouble, I am wondering if I can make the mixture and leave it in the fridge overnight; and if so – how long do I take it out before using it. I may need to do this over a couple of days.

  2. admin says:

    I’m glad you found this helpful Rose and even more happy you’re spreading the “truffle love” in your circle… enjoy!

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