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Speaks to the soul
People are real
A very big deal

Less pretence
More substance
Travel around
A special something surrounds

Land and sea
So almighty
Farm vines through stone
Olive groves roll beyond

Seeped in history
A fine place to be
Culture entwines
Out your pours, in your mind

Medieval sites
Imagination ignites
Mediterranean gem
Will return again


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2 Responses to “Portugal”

  1. Rosa says:

    Don’t have the time to put into rhyme
    how your beautiful post sent me back in time;

    Memories of places, sights and sounds
    Evidence of riches; historical & cultural all around
    That warm simple nature, to embrace I found,
    gives depth to an experiences of Portugal bound.

    I loved your post — and am so glad if was everything and then some.
    May be next time – we can go together ( for me to reconnect for you to further explore).

  2. admin says:

    Thanks Rose, I look forward to connecting to share stories and plan further adventures!

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