Sweetest Hangover Put to the Eating Satisfaction Test

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I had that old song Sweetest Hangover play in my head as I prepped for the trick or treaters to come to my door on Halloween eve – oh joy. I played a trick on myself as I ripped into my faves enjoying nibbling on a few sweet Reese’s pieces, ahhhh. Yes ET certainly got reeled in with those tasty morsels when lured in by Elliott. There’s no phoning home until you’ve enjoyed a few that’s for darn sure, right ET?

Then I had a wee try of my other fave the Aero Bar, double ahhhh. How I love that bubbly, chocolate bitesized morsel. When I was a little lassie I remember asking my Mom for one at the grocery store, back in the day when they were 10 cents. YUM I felt like a child again as rustled in the bag to find and enjoy a few.

My body went into spasm wondering what on earth I was doing because I don’t routinely eat that stuff. I think the saved file on  my body’s hard drive from last year’s Halloween got unleashed and the sweetest hangover ensued. I decided I’d put these annual treats to the test, one that I describe in my e-book Skinny on Slim, The Little Black Dress of Diet Books.

I recommend we all put our favourite food to this eating satisfaction test. It has you focus in on how the food you eat makes your body feel within an hour of eating it. Of course that first bites of these sweet nothings made my taste buds sing, but in an hour, how did they make me feel? As I sat reading at the door tending to the sporadic activity due to rain and chilly temperatures, I honed in, hmmmm. That initial sugar rush tasted and felt great, even euphoric, but the crash, well not so much. The taste in my mouth went initially from yummy to sour as that peanut butter splashed up my throat after a while, ug. This eating satisfaction test made me realize these treats really don’t make me feel that good after all.

By 8:30pm the lights went out, the treats got packed up to “go away, far away” and it was time for a late night dinner of steamy, spicy chilli with crusty bread and a glass of a hearty red wine, real food. A delightful way to end the evening. And within an hour of eating real food, my eating satisfaction score got a 10 out of 10, I felt great!

Consider putting your favourite foods to the eating satisfaction test. Some of your fave’s might fall off your favourite food list.

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