Beach Blanket Buckle Up – Summer Road Trip

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I thought it would be appropriate to write about taking a family road trip. You know the kind, filled with long meandering drives spent having sing songs “She’ll be comin’ around the mountain when she comes….”, then comes the sign searching and the mantra “are we there yet”!! I’m the type of navigator who likes to follow the route on the map with my finger. But, uh oh, when the driver hits a bump I seem to always lose my place. Where are we, in a different city?? I dunno!!

It’s always fun to organize the food and drinks for these road trips. They don’t need to be booby trapped to botch up your plans before you reach your first pit-stop. Here are some ideas for you travelling wilburries:

  • Got the Munchies – Try not to crack open your canteen until real hunger or thirst strikes. Pulling out of the driveway is not an eating cue. Check in to your hunger and satiety to take stock of what the read actually is.
  • Pit Stop Planning – Plan in washroom and run-around breaks to avoid the whole carload going totally squirrelly. Bring a stash of food to eat because if the family begins to stand in line to buy then eat food you could be adding a whole lot of time, calories and cost to your trip.
  • Packing the Notorious Cooler – Make and pre-refrigerate a variety of sandwiches. Bring a stash of yummy veggies – carrots, celery, cherry tomatoes. The seasonal fruit is looking divine too – plums, cherries and apricots.
  • Choosing Better Options at the Fast Food Joint - If you must buy a meal or two on the road you are able to find better options at some of the fast food restaurants. The key here is to decide before you and the bella familia get in line. Better yet have 1 or 2 of you go buy it all and bring it back and eat and enjoy together. Avoid deep fried anything, especially if there’s a batter on it. If you must have a fries fix, share them.
  • Live a Little – Do plan in a treat here and there but be mindful of trading off. Every meal and snack just cannot be a treat or your plan will be whitewashed before you return home.

And whatever you do before your road trip this summer, take Oprah’s No Phone Zone pledge, so you all arrive back home safely.

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