Have a Happy New Year – Shana Tova!

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A good friend of mine sent me this photo of her mother-in-law’s Rosh Hashana dessert from years passed. I think it’s still in her tum-tum digesting. How innocent can the sport of whipping up a master dish like this be? Apparently, not very!! Dessert-making for HER Mother Dearest is an olympic sport. Dare I post this into my “Food Revolution Recipes” section. Nay nay I say!

I am told it’s based on the idea of the innocent cheddar cheese ball served with crackers. We are all familiar with this happy appi, right? Only this is the dessert version with decadence infused to the MAX. This is a cheese-ball morphed into a cheeseCAKE ball. Now you’re talkin’!  Yes, seriously. It is cheesecake and chocolate chips coated in Skor bars, served with Nilla Wafers. Oy oy oy he shoots he Skors!!  Let me get my endocrinologist and dentist on speed-dial. I’m told it was SOOOOO sweet the family has a permanent pucker on their faces today.

I compare this to the high-pitched dog whistle, so high that we mere humans can’t hear it, but the dogs come running. Well this sweetness factor is so high-pitched all the honey bees in her neighbourhood have their little honey bee faces stuck up on the dining room window trying to get at it. Ok and so Bubby wins the gold medal in the dessert making contest. Congratulations Bubby! If your pancreas was in borderline functioning condition before noshing on this, it will certainly be in overdrive after.

What can I say – viva Velveeta! Happy New Year! Shana Tova! I love a family celebration…Jess I’ll make you this next year! :-)

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