Retraining Your Robot – Domo Arigato!

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When I think of age old wisdom that holds true for me to today I think of pearls I came across in the 70′s. Back then I was searching for truth to sort out my dietary dilemmas and read the book Psychological War on Fat by Cordell and Giebler printed in 1977.…hmmmm many moons ago.

There were a number of interesting chapters but one I still refer to today was one about behaviour modification and getting to know your robot. They explained how many everyday activities and behaviours become programmed as an automatic activity thus referring to our robot. Many eating activities get programmed in like nibbling while preparing food, having a high cal specialty coffee as an afternoon treat, munching while watching television, having a snack before bed and the list goes on and on.

Stop for a moment and think about some of your robot activities. If you drove to work this morning (assuming you’ve had your driver’s license for some time now) I’m sure you don’t need to think about every aspect of driving – how to open the door, turn the ignition, pull out of your driveway, going the speed limit (presumably). If you did have to concentrate on every single behaviour of everything you do you’d probably have a headache by mid-morning. When you think of it though, I’m sure you’ll agree your robot does a lot of things automatically.

Just like you can program an activity into your proverbial robot, you can reprogram it to establish positive eating behaviours and habits in place of those that aren’t helping your cause. This is what I love about behaviour modification, pinpoint a few simple tasks to work on each month and aim to master these until they become automatic in your robotic repertoire. Examples could include using a smaller plate at dinner time, having one serving of each food at your meal, slowing down when eating, only eating when sitting down, avoiding distractions when eating. There are numerous good habits that can be subbed in for those nastier ones. You can get more ideas from the book Mindless Eating that I wrote about on April 5.

What are you willing to work on? The possibilities are endless. If you’ve tried something that’s working for you, do let us know so we can learn from you.

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