Colour Your World

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Don’t you just love watching the leaves turn colour this time of year? As Mother Nature colours our world, consider adding more colour to yours… on your plate and in your lunch bag. The rainbow of fruits and veggies add a wide array of nutrients with health sustaining benefits that really taste great!

What’s Up Doc? – Add veggies to your lunch bag such as a bunch of crunchy carrots.

Paint the Town Red – Make a tantalizing tomato sauce batch to stir things up a bit.

Get Green with Envy – Steam some raging rapini to perk up your dinner repertoire.

Be a Purple People Eater – Enjoy purple plums in season as a perfect snack or meal accompaniment.

Orange is the New Black – Whip up an old orange smoothie to enjoy as a snack or with a muffin for a fast breakfast.

The healthfulness of these colourful foods elevates them to the super food stratosphere while tantalizing your tastebuds… not to mention, they fill you up. Paint your own impressionist creation at meals and snacks to please all of your senses and ratchet up your nutrition.

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