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I watched a rerun of a Marketplace show this past weekend with the spotlight on sports drinks, “nutrition” bars and shoes. How appropriate to rerun this in summer. Obviously, I have a particular interest in the sports drinks and bars. I have heard the claims that these products are backed by science, hmmmm.

I have often had “emperors new clothes” moments, scratching my head thinking, “…yes these drinks are backed by science to support athletes. But when I look right and look left in my neighbourhood, nary an athlete is in sight. What gives?” Tom Harrington, the show host, highlighted that a meagre 2% of our entire population are athletes.

It was eye opening to see his guest sports med doctor Greg Wells do bloodwork on “regular people” jogging for 45 minutes and elite athletes working out, after which time one thing was concluded, everybody needed to drink more water.

Those sports bars always make me wonder too, why eat such a thing when real food is in your midst? It was refreshing to hear our mega-medal olympian Clara Hughes say “eat real food”. Why choose something so concocted? It’s ridiculous!

I won’t get into the “shoe part” of the discussion. I did; however, buy myself new running shoes this year and was mystified by the wall-o-choices in the various stores I visited. Although I am a tortoise, I value supporting my aging feet. I was faced with the dilemma to go for the $175 pair with so many features or the $75 pair that felt just as comfy. Becoming wiser in my older age I went for the cheaper ones and figured if these fell apart I can get another pair and still have change in my pocket… They’re still doing fine.

So for you sports mavens out there – you might be an athlete in your mind, but reconsider the need to fall for these extra special products, get back to the basics and keep it real!

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