What’s so super about “super food”?

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I’ve been doing some thinking about super food lately, hmmmmm. When I think about what’s been in vogue through the ages Popeye and spinach come to mind, pomegranate, acai too, blueberries, avocados, tomatoes, even carrots. When I stand back and think about how our bodacious body works, I have learned we need a wide array of elements, those vitamins and minerals, fibre and water to make our masterful machine fire on all cylinders. You can eat carrots until the cows come home and make your skin turn orange but that wouldn’t be very super, would it?

Here’s what I think is super:

Super Routine – Our body works more efficiently when we eat and drink throughout the day such as having 3 meals and a few small snacks. Fasting or going hours on end inconsistently without eating puts your body on fasting alert which is exactly what you don’t want it to do. Practice a predictable routine and your body will love you back.

Super Balance – Unlike a car that only uses petrol, our body needs all of the vitamins and minerals, fibre plus water with a good mix of protein, fat and carbohydrates. There is not 1 superfood that will provide all of this, so why keep searching for it. I’m all for trying new healthy foods but work them into a mixed diet and solid repertoire.

Super Attitude – I write a lot about establishing a love affair with food, explained in more detail in my ebook Skinny on Slim, The Little Black Dress of Diet Books where all foods fit. It’s a mindset of acceptance that kicks guilt to the curb – where it belongs.

Super Hydration – We need our fluids consistently to keep all systems functioning optimally as well. Water is the golden standard. Keep in mind caffeine and alcohol have diuretic properties so if you choose to have these, do so in moderation. Also, most food is water based and contributes to your hydration to some degree.

Super Moves – We can talk about food and drink all we like, but remember our bodies were meant to move. Get active every single day!

Super Sleep – Like every masterful machine, our body needs an appropriate amount of sleep and downtime to regenerate. If you DON’T snooze you will certainly lose!

So folks, go ahead and ride the waves of super foods coming our way. I love them all. But be mindful of choosing these in the context of balance which our bodacious body requires.

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