The Dr. Oz Cause! Snakeoil or the Real Deal??

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The twitter sphere was chirping about Dr. Oz’s grilling by a senate subcommittee. It got me mulling all of this over, hmmmm. The crux of the offensive dissed his use of the term “miracle” when featuring any new products on his show. I get steaming mad when experts use this approach and even more irate when consumers fall for them looking for fairy dust to solve a problem when there is none. Instead of boring you with those gory details, let’s get our head around how to spot a snake oil salesman and how to spot the real deal:

Street Cred – When you hear about any magical claim ask yourself what the credentials are of the source of the information. In this case Dr. Oz is an MD, a heart surgeon to be exact. I have had many “emperor’s new clothes” moments when I’ve heard him talk about an array of topics from clearing nasal congestion to analyzing your poop wondering why in heaven’s name is he going there, he’s not a GP. Experts ought to stick to what they know.

Backed by Evidence – If you are planning to ingest anything into your bodacious body consider why you would do that? Is it backed by scientific evidence, or are there just loose testimonials touting it? “Here ye, here ye, on the topic of weight management if food, activity, eating pattern, behaviour and psychology aren’t part of the equation to solve it, don’t give it another thought!”

How the Body Works – Consider the basics of how your body works. Remember what I often exclaim in my e-book Skinny on Slim, The Little Black Dress of Diet Books – Don’t mess with the machine if it isn’t in-keeping with basic biology and physiology!!

Turn the Other Cheek & Save Your Moula – Every time you’re tempted to buy a magical remedy put these pennies in a piggy bank and spend it on a reward for yourself as you progress along your course to weight loss success, which I discuss in Chapter 6.

I have been fortunate to work with many fabulous professionals and MD’s in my career, including heart surgeons. It’s a great idea that each know the boundary around which they practice and avoid the fringes. I won’t be making any recommendations as an RD about putting in a stent, I promise!

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