Summertime Scoop – Dump the Slump!

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Looking to energize yourself this summer. Well look no further with a few hot tips!

Feeling sluggish in the afternoon?

Bottoms UP – You might not be drinking enough water throughout the day. Keep a full glass of water by your work side for the day and drink up.

Branch OUT – You may be getting a load of sugar after which time your blood sugar plunges. Balance out your meals and snacks and in addition to your carbs include protein, fat plus higher fiber carbs.

Scale BACK – You may be eating too big of a lunch. Do one of my Awareness is Bliss exercises and take stock of your serving sizes you choose and dial it back.

Jacked UP – You may be addicted to caffeine if your cupeth runneth over with cup after cup of coffee and caffeinated beverages. Wean yourself down so it doesn’t rule you.

Move IT – It might be time for a walk around your office & stretch to get the lead out and your circulation moving. Sitting is the new smoking, so dislodge yourself from your swivel chair and move that junk in your trunk hourly.

Reevaluate your routine and make a goal or two in a healthier direction.

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