Lunchtime Wisdom at Work

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I’ve been thinking about how to approach lunchtime at work recently, hmmmmm. When you want get the most out of your workday, choosing what you nosh on at noon can help you sail through the afternoon if you’re strategic about it. Here are some words of wisdom to approach this daily meal:

Just Right – You want to satisfy your hunger, but not overeat which’ll make you sluggish for the balance of the afternoon.

Just in Time – Ideally, have lunch a few hours after breakfast, when you’re hungry but not ravenous. Raging hunger can result in ordering and eating more than you actually need.

Slow as you Go – Up your enjoyment quotient of your meal and slow down your eating pace. Aim to eat away from your desk and workstation.  Try not to eat while you’re working so you can relax.

Balancing Act – Your food will be absorbed more slowing and you’ll feel more satisfied longer when you choose a mixed meal containing protein, some fat with complex crab’s.

Fill-er-UP – Including high fiber choices will also help fill you up so choose whole grain bread, beans/peas/lentils, fresh fruit and veggies, nuts/seeds. Protein foods also helps you feel satisfied when you eat.

Keep it Real – Choose real food in place of those meal replacement bars and drinks whenever possible which will infuse some joy into your day instead of fueling up artificially.

Find a Friend or Split & Save – Find a friend at work to share lunch with if you’re choosing a larger than usual portion OR split what you order in half and refrigerate it to enjoy tomorrow.

Wash it Down – Enjoy your lunch with Mother Nature’s elixir – water. Whether it’s straight, or frizante (mineral water), or boiled (to make tea/coffee) why not keep it simple? Aim to have water at your desk to keep you hydrated for the whole day, to avoid a slump like a wilted flower.

Take it Outside – Get your circulation moving and get out for a walk. This will help clear out cobwebs, sort your thoughts and ideas and energize you.

Fuelling up at lunch with a stealthy approach can keep you blazing through the day to be as effective as you can possibly be. Enjoy!

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