Motivation Monday – Helen Made it to Slim Town

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I must say I have been floored by the generous spirit of people who have reviewed my ebook Skinny on Slim, The Little Black Dress of Diet Books as I aim to reach 30 reviews per book site. A most sincere thank you and a new plea to those of you still getting around to it. Please keep them coming!

I was rendered altogether speechless by a message by Helen and her review on Amazon and iTunes. You see, Helen is a colleague of the rock that I roll with. I recently learned that Helen lost 40 pounds after reading my ebook so I dropped her a line. Her words are still sinking in:

Hi Fran

Sorry this is slow in coming I was travelling the last weeks but you have been flagged in my in box!

Yes I am the big 40 … and yes (my colleague) is correct but he may have under estimated my enthusiasm! Your book is fantastic! I read it last June and decided I could follow your advice, setting the goal of dropping 40 pounds by my 40th birthday this April … I hit the goal by Christmas and maintained it ever since. …. I am going to think about the goal for 41 …. but have not decided what it is yet. :-)

Your book is so great, so easy and so relatable I hope everyone reads it. I am sorry you actually had to ask for help. I should have written the review long before! I have actually gone to the site to do so several times but really did not have the words to explain why it’s so great! There are so many books available that aim to motivate people and help them plan but your book really makes it make sense and makes it so manageable! It really is so incredible in my whole life I don’t think I have ever lost weight. I have had various ranges of consumption and activity but my weight/body has been either constant or increasing… I finally see evidence that I have control!

Thank you Fran I hope this book really takes off. It just makes so much sense!!!!

Kind regards,

I love hearing people’s weight loss success stories from Fat City to Slim Town. Helen is a new successful weight loser putting in the effort to be a Slimtownite. If you have a story to share about how Skinny on Slim made a difference for you, please drop me a line. It’ll be a great way to help motivate others, whether it’s Monday or any day!

If you keep floundering in the diet arena, maybe you need to approach this from a fresh new perspective. What are you waiting for? You’ll find a wealth of healthy and stealthy tips and tricks meaningful to you in YOUR life. Check it out!

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