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I visited the Stadel Museum of late while in Frankfurt. It got me thinking more abstractly about how obtuse I can be sometimes, hmmmm…. I love wandering around art galleries and museums. The inspiration from the creative works fills me up then settles deep into my bones.

Started off admiring the old greats from Renoir, Monet, Boticelli, then things got geometric when Picasso works appeared. There were interactive displays in some of the rooms, perhaps for the folks who feel the need to infuse themselves into the experience. I’m old fashioned I guess and am there to observe, enjoy and feel inspired. No, I refuse to lie down on the 4×4 plank of wood sideways on the floor in the middle of the room…

Then onto the modern section with lights beaming bright enough to do a photo shoot. There was a canvas painted entirely in black, another with stripes, one with a bunch of 1-foot long chop sticks protruding from the canvas that you might see on the ceiling of a guy’s dormitory, then I noticed a picture of a very long line hanging on the wall. I did a double take, thinking it was a bannister at first. I was left wondering what this masterpiece was called. Was it the “Starting Line”, perhaps the “Finish Line” or maybe the artist was a tennis player and it was the “Base Line” or “Service Line”, then things got a little bit giggly?! In one room was a yellow electrical cable hanging down from the light fixture on the ceiling, onto the floor into a spaghetti like pile. Hmmm, I thought maybe that’s called “Unfinished Work of the Electrician”…. perhaps it was…. tee hee.. Now I’m ready for Candid Camera to show up and get punked! Perhaps my laundry pile can pass as modern art.

Giddy and wandering, I finished meandering about then headed out for a walk by the river, then for some refreshing assorted fruit ices in an nearby square. I pondered more deeply about the modern art, especially that canvas painted only in black. I originally thought, “…humph, what nerve a person would have to paint such a picture and pass it off as a so-called masterpiece of art?” Then I thought “…well they DID do that and lo and behold, it’s hanging in a popular museum in Frankfurt!” Then I felt sheepishly about how obtusely reluctant I have been to fully promote my ebook, Skinny on Slim as my own professional art form of sorts. I could surely take a page out of that artist’s book for having such confidence. Sign me up for that chutzpa class, “how to stiffen your backbone and get more nerve in 10 easy steps!”

My thoughts shifted to our very lives. How each day we paint a proverbial picture as we meander through. Every deed and act, good or bad, small and grand, cowardly or confidently, all gets captured on our life’s canvas. What is yours looking like? Are you blending in timidly playing it safe or living life boldly and making a statement?

May your actions colour the canvas of your life inside the frame of your soul.

Thanks to the great artists of old – Renoir and Monet who have inspired me during my museum visit. And for the modern painter who pulled off his prank with the black canvas as a master piece and got me thinking differently. A final thanks to Hans Georg for suggesting to visit the museum. It filled me up on many levels! Aviteze

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