A Wee Favour…Please Post a Book Review for Skinny on Slim

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Ok folks I finally bit the bullet and am doing something I hate to do….I’m asking for a wee favour. I am asking you, yes you, to please go to any or all of the places my ebook Skinny on Slim, The Little Black Dress of Diet Books is sold and rate it. I don’t care what you write or how you rate it, but if you’ve taken the time to download it (and hundreds of you have), please take another moment to rate it AND while you’re at it, rate the ratings too. And ask a friend too…

Five stars or two stars
Loved it or hated it
Please go to the book sites and
Take the time to rate it!

Here are some handy links and tips to guide you to the various book sites where it’s available:

Here’s the link. Fast and easy to do, plus you can rate the ratings too.

Bring up iTunes on your various Apple device, got to the iTunes Store, then to “books”. In the “search” section paste in Skinny on Slim and my book will appear, among others with similar titles, click on the book cover and follow the instructions to rate it.

Here’s the link. I believe the steps are similar to Amazon.

Barnes & Noble
Here’s the link. I believe the steps are similar to Amazon.

Here’s the link.

Here’s the link. This is a site you can sign up for that provides you access to a numerous numbers of books. Paste the title in the search bar for Skinny on Slim to come up.

I lowered the price this spring to help get the word out as a great warm weather refresher to tone our habits and tush at the same time. I’m aiming to get about 30 ratings per site. Please share this with a friend to help me establish my goal, won’t you?

A most sincere “thank you” for all who helped already by writing a review, provided advice, rated comments and/or told a friend about it. I am most grateful for your support.

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