A Part of Me…

May 21st, 2014 2 Comments Tags: , , , ,

I found myself in flight again, watching the in-flight entertainment. This day I took a look at the TV documentaries and the Slow Food viewing choice piqued my interest. It required me to keep my reading glasses on because it was in Italian with English subtitles. There, a story unfolded about Carlo Petrini, the person who started the Slow Food movement decades ago in Italy.

I loved the romantic rhythmic Italian dialogue, despite the fact I couldn’t see all of the subtitles. I could certainly feel the passion. There was one part where Carlo was presenting to a group and joked that his Georgio Armani underwear costed more than the food he eats. He chided that his food ends up in his body, then as a part of him, while his underwear do not! It got me thinking more deeply about our intimate relationship with food to the extent that it ends up in each and every living cell of our bodies, hmmmmm.

Our body is a complex machine needing the entire array of vitamins, minerals, water and fibre to keep us running on all cylinders. And we need this on a regular basis, day in and day out. Keep this golden nutritional nugget in your noggin the next time you fathom to try a new fangled diet or cleanse that leaves out food groups, puts you in fasting mode or cleans you out leaving you more depleted that when you started. As I exclaim in my ebook Skinny on Slim, The Little Black Dress of Diet Books don’t mess with the machine!

Give that more thought and ponder it for a while. Think about what goes into your pie hole and down your gullet. Knowing that every morsel ends up in every cell of your being as a significant part of you, what are your cells full of? Are they full of an array of naturally nutrient rich choices that fill you up and never let you down? Or are they full of emptiness from the array of fast and highly processed food choices you make. This notion helps you realize that you certainly ARE what you eat. You have a choice about what you’re full of. Deep wisdom to gnaw on, that’s for sure….

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