I CAN Get Some Sat-is-FACT-ion – Fibre & Satiety

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Oh fibre, that “f” word in the nutrition dictionary. It’s often met with an eye roll or a moan ‘n groan. I rarely write about fibre as it conjures up images of old folks adding that pure sawdust-like stuff to ultra high fibre cereal as an antidote to chronic constipation, ug.

Lighten up folks, I read about benefits of fibre for satiety. We all know that satiety is what we yearn for when we want to lose weight, that holy grail. Kind of like an oxymoron in the dieting lexicon – lose weight without hunger…. This particular study looked at beans, but hold the eye roll, really.

I much prefer to discuss your diet and what to eat in terms of food and meals using a lifestyle perspective rather than single elements or nutrients. My first rule of thumb is to eat food you love and keep an open mind. Take the noble kidney bean for example, I don’t like them on their own, but I love them in chilli or a 3-Bean salad with chick peas.

Focusing on breads and cereals – I love whole grain breads when I purchase a sliced loaf, but I don’t love a baguette like that. I do buy whole grain bread dough to make home made pizza though and I regularly serve whole grain dinner roles. I enjoy oatmeal each morning.

Now look at those 5-10 fruits and veggies each day. They are inherently fibre rich, but that’s not why I eat them each day. I love the sweetness of fruit added to my oatmeal, eaten as snacks and added to my green salad. They all punch up the flavour and have the side bonus of adding fibre. I love a variety of veggies each day, fresh, crunchy and delicious. I divulged in my ebook Skinny on Slim, The Little Black Dress of Diet Books my go-to lunch is made from a combination of 4 ready-made salads. One of these is always a type of bean salad, 1 is veggie, 1 is whole grain or pasta and the other is a mango and red pepper or sweet beet. All that can’t be beat, eaten with a single serve cottage cheese and one of yoghurt. Boy does that fill me up each day!

Adding nuts and seeds to your diet gives a yummy crunch to your diet plus that fibre automatically. I have told you many times that I add these to my morning oatmeal with fruit, enjoy as a snack when I need extra hunger reinforcement, plus on my green salad every night.

I never choose any food I feel I have to hold my nose and eat. No one ever expects you to either. But if you ARE looking to get some satisfaction to feel satiety every day consider getting all of those fruits and veggies that I rail on about, plus beans in some shape or form. These will fill you UP and never let you down and will help your inner plumbing every day.

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2 Responses to “I CAN Get Some Sat-is-FACT-ion – Fibre & Satiety”

  1. Rose Pinto says:

    I just love that creative way you suggested regarding playing up the foods we don’t like much by introducing them with things that we’d eat them. Such as your example of kidney beans in chili. Goodness; beans are by far the biggest challenge; sure I get my fibre in other ways. But I feel that I could be getting so much more punch in a bean then I do from other foods. It’s an awesome idea. Thanks for pointing it out.

  2. admin says:

    Glad these ideas spoke to you Rose…btw your last name is a kind of bean… Pinto! I would hate people to eat food they despise. There as so many ways to find combinations of fabulous food to help build that love affair with the food you eat! All of a sudden, foods containing fibre are not to bad after all!

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