Food Phobia Foible? Nuts to That!

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I’ve been doing more reading about the benefits of nuts lately, hmmmmm. I already divulged my stealthy and healthy snacking strategy including these in my personal eating repertoire posted last week. Decades ago, these tasty morsels with a powerhouse of nutrient richness never made it into my shopping cart until I cracked that eating code of wisdom, CRRRRUNCH.

The adoption of a Mediterranean diet of sorts certainly sets the stage for nutrient richness by including olive and/or canola oil, nuts, beans, fish, dairy products and that horn of plenty of fruits and vegetables that fills half your plate.

Focusing in on nut noshing – one study observed “those who ate more nuts were slimmer”. I wrote about the altruistic almond before. I add slivered almonds to my oatmeal along with berries and skim milk every weekday morning and enjoy almond butter on toast on weekends. I make a tossed salad most evenings and always add any variety of nuts to top it off to add extra flavour and crunch, which always disappears.

Certainly a very versatile and noble food these can fill that void in your eating repertoire. Put an end to that nutty food phobia foible and sneak nuts in to your eating repertoire and enjoy!

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