Finding 5′s….

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It’s nice to have a long weekend with extra time to think, write and just breathe – ahhhh. This busy contest called life sometimes seems to snatch our good intentions and eat into our free time. How often do I hear “I don’t have time to exercise!”? Too often, that’s how often!

We live in a world of conveniences and yet we still proclaim not to have the time to move. For the coming days think of ways you can find 5 minutes’es – five here, five there another five somewhere else to make up 15 minute intervals and suddenly you’ve gathered yourself the hottest resource on the planet – time!!

Chop Chop… or NOT - Yes ladies I have spoken about the importance of getting your 5-10 a day of fruits and veggies, it’s true. If you’re really stuck for time treat yourself to some pre prepped produce and bestow onto yourself 5 minutes. Now you have time to wield your weights around to a stronger you.

Close the Lid… of your computer that is – Sometimes I feel bug eyed sitting at my computer for the better part of the day with messages streaming in, one more document to proof, one more post to write, just one more…. It’s healthy to just save what you’re working on and close the lid. Go for a walk and get some fresh air. Listen to the birds, work out the creaks in your joints from sitting so long and escape. I find I come back refreshed, renewed and rejuvenated and end up being more productive. Make it a habit!

Making Two… meals at once - I routinely cook more than I need at any one meal and end up enjoying a schmorg of sorts another night. This frees up a mittful of time to be able to fit your activity in.

Dovetail - Be a master juggler and do a few things at the same time: example throw your laundry in while you’re doing something else like making dinner. Even better enlist everyone in the household to pitch in and presto you have more time. How often do we neglect to just ask? When was the last time we said “no”? You reap what you sow, you know!

Hold the Phone – Do you spend reams of time yacking on the phone?? Use that answering machine of yours to screen your calls. When you’re ready call them back and dovetail a catch-up call without eating into a fresh 30 minutes of your day.

Get Anti-social – All this social media with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google Plus can put a dent in your spare time. Give yourself 60 seconds to catch up then refer back to “Close the Lid” and just stop.

Zone in to Zoning Out - That boob-tube aka the television can be a big time sucker for many. You sit down for one show then all of a sudden, oooops it’s time for bed – ug. Be mindful of what you’d actually like to watch then get outside in-between for an evening walk or bike ride.

Ponder over what’s eating up your time and find a bunch of 5′s adding them make up 15 minute intervals, like I explain in my ebook, Skinny on Slim, The Little Black Dress of Diet Books, the new interval training. Get a minimum of 30 minutes each day of activity and ensure your kids get 60. Time is a funny thing so if you have 5 minutes in front of you jump into that open space with gusto before it passes. When it comes to activity you don’t need to do it all at the same time either. A healthy and stealthy activity strategy, that’s for sure!

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3 Responses to “Finding 5′s….”

  1. Rose Pinto says:

    Funny that you posted this — I am happy to report that I have not only been cooking two healthy meals at a time; but come home with the produce; wash and slice and have it all ready in containers and zip lock bags a very handy snack. Since doing this I find that not only am I snacking healthier; I also snack with value in mind. Is it healthier to have that mango or that apple? Also – I am not eating right; but Stewie and I are getting out for longer walks. :) Thanks to all your wisdom and for sharing.

  2. admin says:

    Thanks for weighing in Rose, way to go!!

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