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I have had thoughts of momentum on my mind lately, hmmmm. With the Master’s golf tournament and the ebb and flow of the players on the leader board the mystery of momentum was impossible to ignore. With Adam Scott, then Bubba Watson, then newbies Jason Speith and Jonas Blixt to the seniors of Fred Couples and Migel Jimenez momentum ebbed and flowed until the green jacket was dawned at sunset for a perfect finish.

I did some food prep during the lovely afternoon prior to the Sunday t-off with the windows open so I could hear the birds sing. I witnessed that spring zing of momentum pass by my window spying walkers and joggers, cyclers and roller bladers, saunterers and runners. The robins, sparrows, squirrels, chipmunks and ducks have had a shot of it too guarding new territory, finding nuts and enjoying the thaw. It’s as if everyone’s creating their new spring movement movement, how perfect!

Our lives also have a characteristic ebb and flow affected by outside forces and our internal attitude. That’s what I love about spring as double digit temperatures dominate so does that positive momentum catapulting us off the couch to the great outdoors, ahhhh. While you’re shifting into a new found spring gear make a goal or two for the better throughout the month and the season to sustain this positive shift. Let’s make a pact together come sun, cloud, rain or wind to keep our momentum surging forward to surpass 30-minutes a day or more of moving for adults and for kids 60 minutes or more.

Now that the polar vortex is behind us, it’s our time to soar!

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