Savour the Flavour; Simply Cook & Enjoy!

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Fab tasting food is what consumers value most. There are many ways to punch up flavour to get that taste explosion we all yearn for. While Nutrition Month month is dialling down, I hope your cooking attempts are ramping up! Have you downloaded Dietitian of Canada’ popular free app Cookspiration? The android version was recently launched so now everyone with a cell phone can access it! Over 65,000 people have downloaded it already.

Savour the flavour! Small amounts of nutrient-rich ingredients boost taste.

Nutrient-rich, higher-fat ingredients can be part of healthy cooking. When you use high-quality foods, you only need a little for great flavour. Here are just a few examples:

  • Cheese – just a sprinkle of strong-tasting cheese such as Parmesan, Asiago or aged cheddar fills your food with flavour
  • Pesto – it’s bursting with basil, so you just need a spoonful to turn plain pasta into a gourmet meal
  • Nuts – toasting nutrient-rich nuts brings out their rich flavour, so a handful will do

Try this Mediterranean roast beef, flavoured with pesto!

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