From Grad Blue to Brand New

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My niece and God-daughter graduated from UNC recently and just landed her first full time job. Let the bells ring! It’s times like these that make me pause to ponder the important milestones in life. And these two are certainly ponder-worthy.

It seems like only yesterday I was with her and her brother, then 6 and 3 years old watching Beauty and the Beast in their family room. They were playing and pretending to ballroom dance as two funny coconuts when the theme song played.  Now they’re 22 and almost 19. Where has the time gone?? Tempus fugit.

I see the robins flying around my yard and their babies being taught so many important life skills – mastering flying, finding food, learning about safety, communicating to each other. I can’t help but think about my niece, no longer one of “the kids” but an adult. Ready to leave the nest and have the apron strings cut. It’s heart warming to think about her starting out full of wonder, hope, joy, enthusiasm. Whatever strong foundation has been laid down to this point is now proverbially handed over as a gift for the future. Her future, that she will pave with the tools she leaves “the nest” with.

As parents what foundational gifts are we laying for our kids? Will they have the tools? Those important ones. Not the physical ones, but important life skills. Self reliance is an important gift to help grown kids learn to stand on their own two feet. My niece has two nephews and our new niece that serve as excellent role models as they are working full time, independent and making it in the real world. That certainly helps.

When you really boil it all down everyone wants to live a long, happy, healthy life. It’s difficult to be fully happy when you’re  not healthy. There are so many factors contributing to this as we’ve discussed. After all of the job interviews, personality tests, finger print takings and blood tests, do one more thing – take the RealAge test (see the link on the right). Get a sense of where you’re at and make health a priority when you’re young. Because when you’re not so young, trying to get healthy is sometimes like a dog chasing it’s tail. It’s not as easy.

Start as you mean to finish you newbies:-) You’ll do yourself the biggest favour ever. Upward and onward!!

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