One Pot, Pot Shot; Simply Cook & Enjoy!

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Well I’m writing about ‘Simply Cooking and Enjoying!’ this March, which is nutrition month. Have you downloaded Dietitian of Canada’ popular free new app Cookspiration yet? As of March 9th there have been over 47,000 downloads. It’ll be available for all platforms by mid-March and in French by April, 2014. Cookspiration is loaded with a even more recipes with the Nutrient Info of each.

Cooking dinner is a snap with satisfying one-pot meals.

Any time you can make a delicious, nutritious meal with just one pot to clean, it’s a good thing. Less mess is best! Whether it’s a quick supper or a slow-cooked dish, one-pot meals are the ideal no-fuss solution.

  • Go quick: Cook simple skillet fajitas with sautéed onions, garlic, chicken and bell peppers. Serve the mixture in warm tortillas with avocado, cheese and salsa.
  • Go slow: Make satisfying slow-cooker stews with beef, pork or dried legumes, root veggies, herbs and spices, simmered in flavourful broth.

For a recipe to make a quick Thai turkey stir-fry.

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