Keep the Flame Alive

February 24th, 2014 No Comments Tags: , , , , ,

Well it’s life back to normal
The Games are a wrap
After that men’s hockey game
I had me a nap

Got to thinking about what
This all means in my life
Triple flips and double sow cows
Being active doesn’t need to create strife

The lycra and spandex
Never looked this darn good! (mainly on Olympians!)
Treating body as temple
Is something we should

For we mere earth mortals
Making a goal is a start
To move our bodies, as it was meant
I so very smart

Start a “movement movement”
Rise up off the couch
Oh ye young and old
Finding 30-60 minutes, isn’t that much

You’ll feel better and toned
Energetic and shvelt
Your hourglass figure
Might warrant a belt!

Keep that flame alive everyday
Whether it’s gleaming or dim
And do yourself a favour
Read Skinny on Slim!

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