Oh My Family Valentine!

February 14th, 2014 No Comments Tags: , , ,

Oh my family Valentine
Hanging tight through rain and shine
What we’ve got is mighty fine
Oh my family Valentine!

Showing love in different ways
Through what we do and what we say
Being there, oh come what may
I think we’re going to be ok

Having our priorities straight
Showing support when things aren’t great
Tough love’s there and values won’t break
Finding peace as the escape

Feeling joy as our kids grow
It’s their time now, we need to let go
Time to thrive and realize they know
To live life boldly, just watch it unfold

More time to listen, put advise aside
It’s time to watch them take life’s ride
Sometimes it breaks you up inside
Things have changed, so watch the tide

Oh my family Valentine
Let’s clink our glasses and share some wine
What we have is so divine
Oh my family Valentine!

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