True Grit

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I love watching the Olympics. It’s so entertaining to see these mega athletes compete in their sport to go harder, faster, stronger, higher, longer, better. I sometimes feel sheepish, sitting like a lump in my easy chair watching these muscle clad athenas ski, skate, jump, dance, sled their way to victory, shooting for the stars. In my mind they are all winners, every last one, whether you’re from Jamaica bobsledding or from Thailand doing a ski jump. Truth be told someone from my very neighbourhood, Phil Brown is participating in the Giant Slalom for Canada, imagine? How exciting!

There may only be a few short minutes of glory on the screen. But it took four years-plus of gruelling training to make it to Sochi. Just think about what’s involved: the will, to motivation, to commitment, diligence, to breaking down barriers and reaching new personal bests, striving, sweating, hurting, believing, working, doing and achieving.

How many challenges has this bunch punched through to get to the Olympics? Think about all of the Mondays, the weekend days, the PMS’ing days, the holidays, the days with a sore muscle or a boo boo – none that holds them back. There are no excuses this group makes, no whining, no complaining, no moaning, no groaning, no long faces, no “poor me”, no asking “why?” only “why not?!”

For me watching the Olympics is like a metaphor of life, when you have a goal and you take the many steps to achieve it. I take the time to look in the mirror and evaluate my own plan. My conscience hurts sometimes when I want to skip a day of my meagre daily walk when that kid from my neighbourhood is gunning for a slalom medal at the olympics. Ah ya, I think I can squeeze it in, after all.

As I have said many times here and in Skinny on Slim The Little Black Dress of Diet Books that our bodies were meant move. So find at least 30 minutes each day to saunter, mosey, walk, shimmy, dance, shovel, sweep, play, run, ride, slide, climb, jog, skate, ski, toboggan and more. Create your own love affair with moving by doing activities you enjoy and your body will surely smile back at you in many ways.

Go Phil!

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