Howling About The Werewolf Diet!

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After 26 years of working in the nutrition world I thought I heard everything. But no, in comes the New Year with, wait for it, the Werewolf Diet – aHooooo! I love entertainment, but let’s compartmentalize that for television and the cinema, shall we, and leave our dinner plate and diet alone?!

Oh mother MacCree, this nutty nosh less-fest claims to have some connection related to the tides of the ocean given we and the ocean have something in common – lots of water, and for some of us, more during certain times of the month…. Apparently the basic version called the basic moon diet (add the adjective “luny” if you like) is to have a 24-hour fast day. Well folks time to press that buzzer of refusal and ridiculousness – bzzzzz. You know what I always say about a diet with a “fast” – that’s the speed you run in the opposite direction FROM it and FAST.

Ok so we just had a chuckle about something so absurd – the Werewolf Diet. Read my e-book Skinny on Slim, The Little Black Dress of Diet Books and do some howling over my sarcastic humour in that, but there are pearls of wisdom throughout :-)

Check out the review of Skinny on Slim featured on web-magzine Canadian Health & Lifestyle.

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