Superbowl? Go Bowling with Salad 4 Ways

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Are you making plans for a Superbowl party? Gone are the days you drown your face in a bowl of nachos and dipsy do da day! Try a flash-in-the-pan fast veggie pizza pie. Then go super bowling with a salad bowl full of flavour, crunch and punch! Check out these ideas to make your party EXTRA super:

Root for Arugula – Do you love a win that’s bitter, sweet? Turn over a new leaf and sub in some arugula in your super bowl. Add fruit to cut the edge and nuts for that SNAP crunch.

Superbowl Escarole & Pepper - Add some cut up pepper to your escarole and eensy bits of spicy hot salami for an extra kick for that 3-point play.

Long Bomb Cucumber, Fennel - Try this switch up of your greens with delightful ricotta. It will surely please your palate.

Hail Mary Staple Salad – Don’t want to fuss too much about putting something super in your bowl? You’ll be thankful for this flex idea. Use whatever you have on hand like the Tazmanian Devil on Bugs Bunny and serve it up with your pizza pie for a touchdown!

Franny’s Flash in the Pan Pizza Pie - My oh my, gotta love a fast and delish dish of pizza pie! This recipe is a hit when you don’t want to spend too much time in the kitchen. Give it a try.

Gotta love lounging and watching the Superbowl. Who wants to spend half the day in the kitchen? Not me! The best part of the game is turning up the volume to the half time show, that’s when the game really begins. Get up off the couch and work in your activity routine as you lead some cheers before the 3rd quarter!

Who’s going to clinch it? It the year of the horse, but maybe it’s the year of the Bronco or Seahawk!

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