Olympic Motivation

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I’ve been doing more pondering about the various aspects of the Olympics and how they bring meaning to our lives. Take the flame for instance. It’s a perfect symbol of motivation as it travels over hills and dales, oceans and seas, towering snowcapped mountains and cavernous valleys four years to the host city. Each day that flame is lit represents that internal glow in our own lives to be better, go further, get stronger.

I chuckled when I did my mat routine recently with weights and flexibility exercises contrast to those buff speed skaters in mind. I bent and stretched to just touch my toes and lifted those 10 pound weights tightening my core, cause I too can do just a little bit better.

I won’t be joining an iron man or olympic team any time soon because tortoises don’t qualify. I will however be more mindful of how I can do my body right one baby step at a time. Maybe I’ll take a stroll at lunch on a workday; perhaps I’ll forgo food offerings that aim to sweeten my work setting; how about getting down on my mat an extra day or two in the week to tighten my core or make my lunch with the seasonal fare adorning my fridge.

More olympic food for thought as I strive to be a little healthier today than yesterday.

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