In the Mood for that Olympic Attitude

February 17th, 2014 No Comments Tags: , , , , ,

There’s nothing I don’t love about the olympics. Even though I am a self proclaimed tortoise I get pumped watching real athletes perform their craft. Further, faster, stronger, better are all goals we can all relate to and strive for in our own lives.

I can’t stand being sunk in couch potato-dom with a bad attitude. No matter your walk of life we can all do just a little bit better, especially where our eating and activity are concerned.

Truth be told I took a tumble in my driveway on the ice last week. After seeing a number of skiers plummet jaw first into the snow I bravely got up and brushed myself off, trying to ignore the thumping pain of my elbow and hip. A little ouchie, in comparison yet working on adopting the Olympic spirit.

So watch these sports mavens perform in all of their splendour. Bring on the gold, silver and bronze for all to see. Those who place last are still winners in my books! Let them inspire you to light the fire within to improve…. just for today.

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