Veggie Might? Why Not!

January 24th, 2014 No Comments

Is one of your New Year goals to get your 5 – 10 a day of veggies and fruits? If it is, that’s one noble healthy and stealthy goal you’re working on, nice going! It certainly helps to garner some ideas to try something new on your plate of late, don’t you think? Consider trying a new recipe each week and work these in to your mealtime repertoire as you add in all that veggie goodness whether you choose fresh or frozen.

Mushroom Madness – The mushrooms we’re looking mighty fine in my grocery store these days. Mush into the produce section and give this side dish a try to accompany most any meat, any season.

Say Ole to Lou’s Guacamole! Gotta love doing the samba to this Mexican happy appy. Say “ole” to guacamole as you make plans for your upcoming Superbowl party. Make it extra super with this dip and it won’t really matter who’s on the field! Go Denver :-)

Sunshine Spinach Salad – A salad like this can be a perfect fresh and crunchy side dish that tastes like summer or a main dish if you add some protein like cheese, cooked, diced chicken, tuna or salmon with nuts sprinkled on top.

Clare’s Ragin’ Rapini – Put a bunch of fresh rapini in your cart the next time you shop and branch out a little on the side veggie department. It’ll make for a nice change to broccoli.

Cara’s Fab Fennel Salad - My good friend made this with a lunch we shared and it was a delicious, crunchy and blogworthy treat that’s a perfect side salad out of the norm from the land of the lettuces.

Adding more veggies and fruits to your diet every day to get 5 – 10 a day is much easier to achieve when you widen your repertoire. As I wrote in my e-book Skinny on Slim The Little Black Dress of Diet Books meeting this noble goal will help your other goals fall in to place as you make positive changes to a better you. You are well on your way, my friend to a healthier New Year already as you count them up to 10 every day!

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