Debunk of Dairy Revisited

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I say down with the dairy product debunk. Milk and products derived from it, is one of Mother Nature’s nearly perfect foods. Including them in my diet gets me out of many dietary dilemmas. Take skim milk for instance, if I’m caught with that hollow leg feeling I pour myself a tall glass. It does dual duty and more. It helps take the edge off a nagging appetite and it hydrates as a fluid. All this and not to mention the myriad of vitamins and minerals, especially the calcium and vitamin D. Yes, it’s naturally nutrient rich (see my post April 19).

Now, low fat yoghurt and cottage cheese are my lunch time staples. Those small individual containers are a perfect portable addition to a lunch bag or on the go as a snack. Eaten with fruit or cereal or both make great combinations.

One of my favourite meal accompaniments is low fat sour cream. Thank the food technology Gods for perfecting this one – AMEN!! I choose 0-2% fat, a vast improvement from that 14% fat sour cream from days gone by. I used it with my Chicken Fajita recipe on (April 29) as an example. A perfect addition with many meals. If you love that creamy mouthfeel without all of the calories and fat, say hello to this hidden gem in your dairy case.

And yes, a variety of cheeses adorn the produce drawer in my refrigerator. Where there is a lower fat option, I choose it. Every better alternative adds up you know. We don’t use cheese a lot, but where suited. Sprinkles of parmesan cheese is terrific to add a boost of flavour on pasta or soups for instance. The taste-punch is all we really need, not a bowlful by any means.

Dairy products are an excellent source of protein. Getting enough protein in all of your meals, even snacks is one trick up my sleeve for weight maintenance success. When you eat a mixed meal containing food with protein, fat and carbohydrates, it’s the protein that helps with your blood sugar’s staying power for a slow steady rise after eating, followed by a slow steady decline hours after. Just loading up on carbs results in your blood sugar making a fast spike upward and plummet downward lickity-split. This backfires by resulting in that super-hungry feeling again. While an upload of heavy fat foods, shouts out that “Mayday, mayday” call, adding way too many calories and leaving you with that sluggish “I need a nap” feeling. Your blood sugar may go up then down slowly. However a regular infusion of the excess fat stuff will take it’s toll on your weight sooner or later.

Some people beef about that gassy feeling when eating dairy. Well if you have been eating too little dairy and suddenly load up this will happen. See, the enzyme lactase breaks down the milk sugar called lactose. This decreases in your system if you cut back on dairy. A sudden increase of lactose will do that to you. So if you’ve decided to get back to eating more dairy products do it gradually. You’ll be glad you did.

Remember you are what you eat. I’d prefer to be a milk maiden than a fat globule any day. If you’ve been avoiding dairy products because of all of the bad wrap it’s been given, revisit this one. Statistics show 1 in 4 women get osteoporosis in their life and quite frankly, I don’t want to be one of those statistics. I like to stay homo erectus my entire life, thank you very much.

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