Spare Some Change?

January 13th, 2014 2 Comments Tags: , , , , ,

I was meandering around California lately and spotted an interesting billboard “Summer Bodies are Built in Winter”, hmmmm. With the New Year resolution blitz behind us and the polar vortex on at home let’s take a new focus and approach, shall we? The first thing is widening our goal-making scope outside of merely aesthetic ones. Let’s include improving self esteem, confidence and general healthfulness which are truly immeasurable and help us be the best we can be on many levels.

As we look forward to 50-some weeks ahead of this gleaming new 2014 year why not take a healthy and stealthy approach to creating a better you, as I explain in my e-book Skinny on Slim, The Little Black Dress of Diet Books. What’s the rush? Take the pressure off as you ease into this year. You can follow my recommendations from SOS and take on 3 changes at a time over 3 weeks, and do that 3-By-3 or you can try one at a time when you’re ready. Here are some ideas:

Take 15 – Sneak in one or more 15-minute activity interval each day. You can take on the elements and head outside or cower in the warmth of your own home or workplace. Bend, stretch, walk, samba, mosey, climb, dance, shimmy, sweep, shovel, lift, jog, skate, jump – whatever tickles your fancy, just move it!

Get Fruity – Get in the habit of noshing on one additional fruit every day – grapes, apples, bananas, pears or hit the freezer section for frozen berry or peach fruit combos that taste swimmingly in yoghurt or in home made smoothies. Work toward getting your 5-10 fruits and veggies daily.

Down with Drawstrings – Have you been scampering around in your drawstring jams while hibernating indoors lately? Time to loose them in the day and dawn your favourite iron-sides jeans and don’t take them off until spring. You’ll think twice about noshing endlessly on a bowlful of nothingness in couch potato-dom.

Train Your Brain – Find at least 5 minutes every day to close your eyes and find your centre while pondering your personal goals. Work on visualizing achieving these to up your belief that you can truly do it. Remember, you can be it, when you can see it!

Mull these over my trusty T & T followers as you take this shiny New Year by the horns! Upward and onward together with more ideas to come!

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2 Responses to “Spare Some Change?”

  1. Rose Pinto says:

    Good day for this Francy; i really want to go out and walk, but the iced sidewalks are keeping me indoors… so I walked up and down the stairs… 6 times today, and tried some sitting exercises instead of just sitting at the kitchen table. Trying to break chair potatoe habit.

  2. admin says:

    Way to go Rose! You’re right it’s pretty slippery out there so we all need to be careful. I had to run some errands today and parked further away. Ok so I’m a lousy parker and do that all of the time :-) I did an extra lap in the mall – ice free. Keep up the enthusiasm!! T & T

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