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Making small changes in your eating, lifestyle and activity add up in your favour with many healthy and stealthy examples outlined in my e-book Skinny on Slim, The Little Black Dress of Diet Books. Many people think when they change everything they’re doing that this will help them lose weight. Well it might help in the short term. But it’s difficult to sustain in the long term. I say there are enough challenges in life, why make it so difficult for yourself. Take a few baby steps at a time and you’ll be soaring in no time!

Eat the Best First
Do a 180 change to your approach to eating. Many people often leave the best food morsel for the last bite. What you end up doing is tuning out of your satiety cues and focusing on that savoury last bite. With the serving sizes morphing to tropo grande these days do yourself a favour and change your approach – eat the yummiest morsel on your plate first. When you feel full stop.

Take Back Your Spare Time
We think we live in a time starved era. But think about how much time slips through our fingers. Work on being the master of your own timekeeping domain. Start with weaning down on any excess TV watching. Focus on your favourite shows, then use that in-between time to work in some extra activity, perhaps. Better yet do some dovetailing with your time and do some exercises while you’re watching the tube. When you do this you are less likely to have food in your family room which is also a good behaviour to work on i.e. not eating while watching TV. Look at all of the calories you’ll burn, and others you will save….

Another strategy is to take time when you eat by savouring your food by thoroughly chewing it. How often do you find yourself hurrying through meals and snacks, neglecting the full enjoyment of your food by woofing it down? When you do-the-chew you will not only UP the enjoyment factor of eating but you will begin feeling full sooner. You may become more discerning when you learn to make it a habit to taste your food and ultimately reach for more wholesome food more often. When you take time to really taste your food fully you’ll realize that junk food leaves a bad after taste in your mouth and makes you feel ug-ish shortly after eating it….really.

Want a Waist?
Forget “waste not want not” – aim your focus ON your waist. Aim to eliminate wearing elasticized waist bands and loose clothing to take your focus off your waist and put some focus ON it. When it’s meal and snack time make sure you’re wearing something fitted and get out of the habit of loosening your belt. Not only should you feel better with what you’re wearing but this should heighten your realization of feeling full sooner. Who would have thunk?!

If you have tried year after year to focus solely on your food, consider changing your approach to how you eat and change some ingrained behaviours on your journey.

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