Food Revolution Pizza Pie – Made for a King

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Pizza gets a bad wrap. For me in my home it’s a nearly perfect food, once in a while. I whip this up and make sure I have plenty of leftovers. I cut and wrap it in individual pieces which are perfect to heat up and serve with a side salad after a long work day or for a convenient weekend lunch before a golf game.

I routinely make 2 kinds of pizza. Many ingredients are similar for both so it’s actually convenient to do. For me, when you’re making a mess, prepare extra and you don’t need to make it again until next season perhaps. You can make these toppings a day or so in advance. If you do, heat them up while you’re preparing your pans and dough.

Tomato Sauce Topping

3-4 crushed garlic cloves

1 onion sliced

7-10 mushrooms (cleaned and sliced)

4-5 chopped marinated artichokes pieces

sliced black olives (to suit your preference)

1 large can (28oz or 830mL) crushed plum tomatoes

4-5 chopped sundried tomatoes

salt & pepper to taste

Spinach Topping

3-4 crushed garlic cloves

1 onion sliced

7-10 mushrooms (cleaned and sliced)

4-5 chopped marinated artichokes pieces

sliced black olives (to suit your preference)

1 bag spinach – washed, boiled, strained & chopped

salt & pepper to taste

Put a tablespoon of oil (olive or canola) in each pot with the heat on low. Add the garlic and onion and cook to soften, stirring occasionally. Add the mushrooms to each pot with a sprinkle of salt to help the mushrooms weep and soften. Then add and combine remaining ingredients to each pot. The spinach topping needs to be cooked on medium low for 5-10 minutes. While the tomato sauce topping needs to simmer on medium for about an hour, stir occasionally. You can either cool each and refrigerate or use the same day to make pizza. Ensure you warm these up while prepping your dough.

Preparing the Plans

2 individual pizza doughs, 1 per oiled pan/cookie sheet (preferrably whole wheat, white will work)

Sprinkle each pan evenly with cornmeal (optional)

Few slices chopped, extra hot (piquant) salami (optional for tomato pizza topping)

Grated cheeses of your liking (mozzarella, asiago, parmesan, goat’s, mixed cheeses)

Pre-heat oven to 425 degrees.

Preparing the Dough

On your clean dry counter sprinkle flour on it and your rolling pin so the dough doesn’t stick. With your clean dry hands knead the dough then roll out in different directions, to make it larger than the pans as they usually shrink. Carefully arrange the dough in each pan to cover the bottom. Repeat with the other dough and pan.

On each dough add some shredded mozzarella cheese spread evenly. Using a slotted spoon add each topping spreading evenly over the dough surface. Arrange the salami pieces evenly over tomato pizza. (I use extra hot (piquant) so I get maximal flavour needing less salami). Over the tomato pizza I add more shredded cheese (usually either mozzarella or a combination of shredded cheeses). Over the spinach I add shredded asiago (my favourite), crumbled feta also works well. I sprinkle some parmesan cheese on both pizzas.

Baking & Enjoying

The baking time is generally 20 minutes in total. But I bake them on separate racks in the oven and will shift the pans on different racks at the 10 minute cooking mark. The heating in every oven is different so keep an eye they don’t burn. When baked, place to cool for a few minutes before slicing. Loosen the sides of the pizzas with a spatula. Cut in pieces and serve with a side salad….and wine….. so delectable, you can hear angels sing!!!

These are so scrumptious I’m sure Gayle King (pizza lover extraordinaire) would fly up from New York to sample them. Give me some lead time Gayle and I would be ecstatic to make these for you!!

Reality Check

Ok folks, no these aren’t low in fat nor low sodium. But they are a home made tradition to enjoy in moderation. When you put a lot of lovin’ into the preparation, you are more likely to savour the eating experience rather than hoover down one delivered to your door.

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