Flash in the Pan, Take 6

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Looking for some PANdemonium in the kitchen? Put some flash in your pan and give some of these recipes a try to perk up your tastebuds and add flare without the glares from your bella famiglia at mealtime:

Easy Peasy Pizza Pie – This is a fast flash in your pan recipe and can be made in so many ways with ingredients you have on hand in your fridge already. Talk about expeditious and delicious, a perfect kitchen combination!

Dough My Dear, Pizza 2-Ways – Do you say “duh” when you have dough, dear? Here are two ways to deal with dough, the possibilities are endless and you’ll earn a badge of honour!

Lean Nachos – Don’t be a moron and NOT enjoy nachos you numbskull! Lean nachos are Not an oxymoron any more! Entertain your love affair with nachos on the lighter side with crunch, gooey cheese and ultimate satisfaction.

Lovin’ Lasagna – Nothing says lovin’ like a bubbly hot pan of lasagne coming out of the oven – a dish to get a hot flash over with delight!

Roasted Rainbow of Peppers – Prepare all of the colours of peppers in your pan and they add a perfect side to adorn your dinner. Leftovers make a perfect frittata tomorrow – a peck of peppers to prepare with impunity!

Potato Perfection – This simple spud-nik combination gets rave reviews regularly and goes swimmingly with so many mains. I make a double batch every time and freeze the leftovers to use with future suppers that heat up to perfection every time.

So put some flash back in your pan by adding some of these to your repertoire. Plan to make a bigger batch and have leftovers for lunches or create something new with it at another meal. Gotta love a little PANdemonium in your kitchen when you’re orchestrating it, enjoy!

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