Family Healthy & Stealthy Tips – Take 5

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It’s that time of year when the jingle jangle of advertisements beckons us into the Christmas spirit vortex. To offset that, our thoughts often turn to what we can do to help our family be healthier to create balance. I don’t know about you but I much prefer to take a stealthy approach when it comes to healthy. Don’t you think? Ok so call me passive aggressive, but who needs an argument?! Consider these 5 healthy and stealthy strategies to adopt now and into the New Year:

Get Fruity! Does the fruit you buy rot in the refrigerator drawer when it’s out of sight it’s out of mind, as the saying goes? Put your washed fruit in a bowl in a high traffic zone in your kitchen and watch it disappear!

Time Out! Is family life encircled around the television and computer screens during these cooler days of the year? Put a few limits on screen time. Do some bargaining around watching favourite shows then flick it off and put a lid on it. Aim to fill that time with activity.

Go All In! Do you think not allowing favourite food will deter your family from wanting and getting it? Think again! Allowing all food to fit, factoring in moderation will take the pressure off from food seeking behaviour. When you know “forbidden food” is allowed it’s a mute point.

Go Team! Did you know that cooking with your kids is good for their health? Ok so the crumb count might rise in your kitchen, but they’ll gain life skills galore and will eat healthier when launched out into the real world. While you’re at it, get them to help with the clean up too… another important life skill!

Bottoms Up! Do you have a storage cupboard filled with pop, flavoured drinks and crystals? All of those sweetened, coloured bubbled drinks get gulped down your loved ones gullets – gulp. Put a stop to the pop and fill your own jug of water with lemons, limes and fresh mint to quench everyone’s thirst. Great for your health and Mother Nature’s too!

Making small positive steps of change can certainly help you and your family lean in to be healthier as the New Year approaches. Trying a stealthy approach there’ll be peace in your world while you do it!

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