Ho Ho Ho Hold the Attitude – Joy in Your Holiday World

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Well a few more sleeps before Christmas Eve is upon us. We’ve talked about strategies around eating, food and activity and now’s the time to talk about our interactions with each other, so that Ho Ho Ho doesn’t turn to Oh! Oh! Oh! You know, close encounters of the family kind. We don’t want to revert a jolly ho ho ho into a dreary uh oh uh oh uh oh after a few too many glasses of rum and eggnog. So, listen up.

Coy to the World – The older we all get the more different we all become.This is a fact of life. I have my way, sister Betty has her way and Janey has yet another. Go figure! I expect we don’t alway agree on various matters. Let’s not use this upcoming week to make people see it your way. There are many ways of doing the same thing right, believe it or not, so let’s get through this next phase joyously and keep your opinions to yourself, shall we??

Saucy the Snowman – Ok, so every family has a saucy member who pushes buttons while pushing the proverbial envelope….”pass the salt…and another thing…as I was saying…” Why not have a chat about peace-making well in advance of the big days ahead with Saucy? The last thing any hostess needs after all of the effort of making a lovely day is turning your table into a combat zone. Make a plan in advance and put your big pants on (for a different reason, of course).

Silent Fight - We women have such good memories don’t we?? Sometimes we hold grudges too and can barely remember what they’re about. Well for this upcoming week let’s see if we can find a parking lot for this excess baggage and drop it off there for the duration. Check.

Winter Blunderland - If you do have a grudge to bear with anyone around the table, get your head around strategies to ensure a smooth and enjoyable time. For me counting back from 10 can help. Try splashing your face with cold water. Make an angel in the snow if you need to, I don’t care. Think about a few safe things you can all talk about that musters feelings of joy of the season and warm fuzzes and don’t change the channel.

Jingle Tells – Now if someone feels compelled to do some telling, things might end up with jingle yelling! Short of having someone at the table with a striped referee sweater and whistle, help to keep each other in check.  You don’t want to have to use the penalty box for a time out, let alone anyone having anyone end up with a game misconduct.

What Child is This? - Resign yourself to the fact that you’ll be the adult, so act like one. Deal??

Let it Blow, Let it Blow, Let it Blow – Find a way to get your frustrations out beforehand, like taking a walk. Talking things through with a trusty confidant ahead of time can also help. Better yet get yourself one of those blow-up clowns with the smile, if you knock it in the head it falls over then bounces back – hey my favourite! Do anything to blow it off, but don’t ruin everybody’s day over it.

Have Yourself an Extraordinary Christmas – Do all you can to have the most extraordinary Christmas you can muster, because we don’t know what tomorrow will bring, let alone next year.

And by the way ho ho ho, hold the attitude!!

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