Take 5 Pot Shots for “More Soup Sassy!”

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“More soup Sassy!” Yes that’s the first sentence my first nephew ever uttered and it will go down in the annals of family history, some 30 years later. Yes I was feeding him my Mom’s amazing Acini Di Peppe Soup. Now his nick name is Surf and he prefers not to be reminded of such things….gotta love memories.

Ok folks, it’s a perfect time of year to get out your cauldron, throw an old boot in and boil up some soup, isn’t it? Some of these recipes can be a meal in itself while others accompany one swimmingly, literally! Give these recipes a try while taking one shot in your pot!

Nan’s Acini Di Peppe Soup – I do my “cauldron kick-off” with my Mom’s recipe that makes a perfect meal I can barely get enough of it!

Mother Dearest’s Pea Soup – Gotta love a delectable thick pea soup with a crusty bun for fun! It’ll be a crown pleaser that satisfies.

Leek & Potato Soup – Wanna go meatless my Mona? Take a pot shot at this simple recipe and enjoy!

Lou’s Roasted Tomato Soup – Serve up this tasty soup with grilled cheese, so sure to please!

Mother Dearest’s Beef Barley Soup - Try this “stick to the ribs” hearty soup for lunch or dinner. Make ahead and serve up during a busy week.

I love hauling out my biggest pot to make soup on a frigid day. A jumbo batch is perfect with a one mess wonder that you can freeze in smaller portions for the weeks ahead. Your family will beg you for “More Soup” when you spoil them with these recipes, enjoy!

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