Driven to Distraction

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Oprah’s “No Phone Zone” pledge is all the rage these days to get people to stop driving with phone distractions. But what about eating while driving? I was driving home from work today and the lady in the mini-van behind me was scarfing down a bag of potato chips – one potato, two potato, three potato, four potato, five potato, six potato, seven potato more! I WAS watching the road, but noticed as I glanced in my rear view mirror.

Food is one of life’s perfect pleasures. At least it should be. Potato chips are great. They’re the perfect fix for the “salt/crunch needing” PMS cravings and in moderation of course. You want ‘em, then have ‘em. Put them in a bowl,  pour yourself a nice cold bevy, sit down and enjoy.

Alas, let’s dissect that disgusting habit of chowing down in the car. You’ve got salty, greasy hands all over the germy steering wheel, crumbs down the front of your clothes and as you barbarically grab and munch you reach to the bottom of the bag and don’t even realize the bag’s empty. UG. If you rolled down your window during this escapade you’d get crumbs in your eyes!! OH what a sight! Some might say it’s a guilty pleasure. I can see the guilt, but where’s the pleasure?

We all know why we shouldn’t eat with distractions, but let’s remind ourselves again. When we’re concentrating on something else (like driving), other than eating we’re tuned out from those very important hunger and satiety cues. Often times we can polish off a lot of food without the feeling of fullness. You can take in a lot of calories in one go. We also miss out on the simple pleasure of enjoying the food, experiencing the good taste, the yummy crunch.

So remember, all foods can fit into your regimen. How you eat is as important as WHAT you eat. Sit down, use a plate and utensils, put down the newspaper, book, turn off the TV and definitely don’t eat and drive. Honour your food.

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