Yes John, Let’s Give Peace A Chance

November 11th, 2013 No Comments

It’s Remembrance Day. Just last week I was lucky to visit Germany. On one fine day I was invited on a private tour with a local group through an East German War Museum. Seeing and feeling the toll from my fellow compadres makes want to focus on peace though…..

Peace. It certainly is something to strive for from day to day. You faithful T & T followers know I’m a hippy at heart. I think if we dig deep enough we’ll all find some hippy genes in our make up. You don’t need to be wearing bell bottoms and a funky vest to seek peace and make it your personal cause. It’s there for the taking if we try hard enough to find it in our mind, heart and spirit.

Some people think this is a gargantuan undertaking but it doesn’t really need to be. As Mother Teresa has implied “…the greatest, most effective and powerful way to oppose war is to wage peace….” (quoted from Eknath Easwaran’s book Love Never Faileth).

Hmmmm such mammoth wisdom from such a meek saint. Think about it though: how can we find peace from day to day? Finding and making peace in your circle is certainly a choice we ALL can make every single day.

You can seek peace in the ebb and flow of your day. Really you can. You can make peace in your connections with others – whether they’re strangers, acquaintances, friends or family, especially yourself and with Mother Earth too. Do you choose to be critical or do you choose to be kind? Do you choose to gossip or do you choose to praise? Do you choose to ignore or do you choose to greet warmly? Do you choose to judge or do you choose to give someone the benefit of the doubt? Do you choose to listen or do you continually choose to lecture? Do you choose to be available or do you choose to check out?

Finding and making peace is a choice.

Mother Teresa has said:

And I think that we in our family – we don’t need bombs and guns to destroy. To bring peace, just get together, love one another, bring that peace, that joy, that strength of presence of each other in the home. And we will be able to overcome all the evil that is in the world.

So, what do you choose? Flip the switch to make peace. Makes you want to join in with John and sing Give peace a chance.

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