A Bubblicious Rethink of Your Drink

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I realize that I have railed on about what you drink over the past months and years. From “Filling Up on Nothingness is Dead” to “Trade of Turnaround Soda Pop Switch” and “Don’t Sink with Your Drink” you pretty much know where I stand on the topic of drinking empty calories yet making sure you drink enough water in “Water Water Everywhere,  How Much Shall I Drink?

Well I realize we’re a spoiled bunch really living in the hedonistic land where taste is king. We’ve grown accustomed to pleasing our bliss point pretty much every chance we get with every sip, guzzle and slurp.

Well I stumbled across a new contraption called Sodastream while travelling home from Frankfurt recently. An ad on the plane’s entrainment system caught my eye and not only got my attention but inspired me to write about it! If it’s effervescent bubbles you seek in your drink then you might consider coming up for air and carbonating your life with one and putting a stop to the pop!

If you and your family are trying to agree on what resolution to embrace for 2014 you may as well ask Santa to drop one of these puppies off in someone in your household’s stocking and create a distinct drink of your own that’s includes water with lemon zest or a splash of cranberry or pomegranate juice.

Set your storage closet, recycle bin and land fill free from those gargantuan sized plastic bottles of coloured, caffeinated and sweetened devil juice.

You’ll be kind to your inner environment and Mother Earth at the same time while saving some coin. Now I’ll drink to that!

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