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I found myself in Germany recently on someone else’s biz trip. I met up with a spry professor – Heir Heim who is 80 years young. Despite him walking with a cane he was looking healthier, better than I ever remembered, having known him for decades now.

You see for years I’ve met up with him on numerous biz trips around the globe. I know his old habit of spending some afternoons discussing ze issues over coffee and cake then ending the day with a lovely dinner. During one of the dinners I spied a novel looking wristband he was wearing and questioned what was up with that. Was it a gift from one of his grandchildren, perhaps? Heir Heim gave a rendition that this gadget worn 24/7 is part of the UP system, wristband + app, that tracks how you sleep, move and eat 24/7 so you can know yourself better, helping you make smarter choices, hmmmmm. Here’s the scoop:

* Track your sleep & physical activity
* Log your food & drink & tracks nutritional info
* Get insights to help you set & achieve your goals
* Set Smart Sleep Alarms to wake up refreshed
* Set Idle Alerts to remind you to move
* Team up with friends in the app and live better together

The wise professor explained in his thick German accent that “…when you know what you are doing and aware, you are prepared to make better choices. You know, when I spend time in ze house all day I barely took 300 steps, but when I went to my garden that increased to 3,000 steps.” I nearly burst with joy hearing him utter these wise words. To me it was like hearing ze angels singing. Yes awareness is bliss!

If this spry guy could learn new tricks at age 80 then we can all take small steps to a better our cause. Don’t you think? Check out UP by Jawbone for yourself and help fine-tune the moves you choose.

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